One of the marks of a great company is a company with employees who have worked there for years. These companies tend to have very happy employees willing to do just about anything for them. As a result, clients are impressed and you do not have to spend a lot of money on hiring and training new employees all the time. Working towards having a work environment thaat inspires better customer loyalty is possible when you create a friendlier work environment, hire better quality employees and provide opportunities to work from home. When you do this, your employees will love coming to work and are willing to give you their all while they are there.

Create a Friendly Environment
According to the Wall Street Journal, the tech companies were on to something when they started creating loose and free work environments. While it may not work to have hangout spaces in every kind of professional environment, it does not mean you have to create a stuffy work environment that makes employees feel as if they have one foot in the grave. People enjoy working in an environment in which they feel they can have fun without getting into trouble. Have events where your employees can relax a little and hang out with their working friends after work and have breaks in the middle of the week just to thank them for their hard work.

Hire Better Employees
It is true that you are more willing to do nice things for your employees whenever you have better employees. Employees also feel happier when they are surrounded by other high quality employees. According to Inc.com, employees who do not feel they are working with inferior employees are more inspired to work up to their full potential. The psychology is that the employee does not feel that working hard will just be negated by slack employees who don’t know what they are doing. Use recruitment software to make sure everyone you hire is the best quality hire and watch as your quality employees start improving.

Provide Opportunities to Work from Home
When asked whether they would like to work from home, an overwhelming majority of people (73%) said they would prefer to work from home. Set up incentive programs in which those who want to work from home can telecommute a few days a week. Set them up with VoIP software so their office phone will reach their home phone and let them work from their home. When they are in the office, they will feel energized and ready to work for a company willing to give them more of what they want. Just make sure their work is not suffering when they are at home.
Following this advice will put you well on your way to having the most loyal employees. Just make sure you are creating a friendly work environment, hire better employees and provide the opportunity to work from home and you will have a winning combination.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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