Reinvigorating Philanthropy [Infographic]

Innovative charitable organizations across the globe are reinvigorating philanthropy. The Bill Melinda Gates Foundation has provided $24 billion in grants since 1994. It has invested $100,000 towards developing a chewing gum that works through saliva (rather than drawing blood) to detect the malaria virus. Even more sizable—the foundation has invested $4.5 billion in vaccine research to fight the spread of HIV, malaria and tuberculosis.

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) works to unite different kinds of people to achieve common conservation goals. In the aftermath of the Gulf Oil Disaster, the NWF staged boat tours for scientists, journalists and government officials to see the impact zone firsthand. It was the efforts of the NWF that prompted the US Attorney General to launch a criminal investigation on BP and its corporate partners into law breaking. It was the NWF that put an end to needless sea turtle deaths caused by the clean up crews blindly turning off the oil slicks.

To see more examples of incredible acts of philanthropy, check out the infographic below presented by

Revitalizing Philanthropy: Innovative Charitable Organizations


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