Things You Should Know About Pregnancy

Parenting is a big responsibility and often means forgoing some needs and wants for the sake of dependents. However, to become a parent, a woman has to conceive and be pregnant for nine months. It is this journey to parenthood that some cherish, others wish for every day, and others steer clear of. Whether one is married, with a partner, or single, choosing to become pregnant is a serious decision, because it is a lifelong commitment. Parenting can be rewarding, fun, tiring and demanding, and requires that one exercise a lot of patience.

How Pregnancy Happens
The process of pregnancy starts once a fertilized egg implants in the uterus; this occurs in different ways. It can happen through the regular method of copulation between a man and woman, through the artificial implantation of sperm into the uterus if there are fertility problems, or through in vitro-fertilization, a procedure that involves removal of ovaries from the womb, fertilizing them with mature sperm, and then implanting them in the woman’s womb.

To become pregnant, a woman has to be on her fertile days, which increases the likelihood of sperm meeting with her eggs. The ovaries can survive for one day after ovulation, while sperm can survive for six days, so conception is likely if a man and woman have intercourse five days before her ovulation. Every woman has a different fertility calendar, and so it is important to know and understand it.

Once a woman has done all they can to meet the conditions necessary to become pregnant, she may go buy a pregnancy test to confirm whether she is indeed expecting. These tools are usually very accurate and reliable.

Stages of Pregnancy
When a woman is pregnant, she can expect to experience a myriad of symptoms, some of which can be overwhelming. In each trimester, the woman’s body changes to adjust to the needs of the fetus. There are three trimesters, each lasting about three months.
Prenatal Care in Pregnancy
Once a woman believes she is pregnant, she should consult a doctor, usually an obstetrics specialized physician,who will take care of her until the birth. The woman will undergo routine checkups and testing, and she will be given advice on the right foods and supplements to take. A pregnant woman is expected to eat the right foods and gain proper weight to nourish the growing fetus. Folic acid is very important for a pregnant woman and her unborn baby; it can be found in green vegetables such as kale and spinach, and certain meats. A lack of it can have serious effects on the fetus. At no time during pregnancy should a woman indulge in alcoholic beverages or drugs. These have shown to have adverse effects on a child, and they may cause deformities.
As the third trimester draws to a close, the baby positions its head towards the mother’s cervix in readiness for birth. On or around the due date, the mother can expect to feel light contractions that increase in intensity and occur in short intervals. These will push the baby out and have been known to be a very painful.

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