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When I first heard rumors of the iPad, I imagined it would be an amazing tool for artists who could use it to draw or paint on the go.  When the first devices came out, I was disappointed with that we got in terms of ‘artist’ friendly functionality.  Yes, my expectations were too high but after having had a couple tablet computers also having limited value … I was looking for something more.  Using the iPad with a stylus like the Pengo BrushPen can be enjoyable and effective but these still are lacking even in basic pressure sensitivity that you can get with even basic pc attachments.

Today we review the Pogo Connect – I’ve been making some art with this pen for the last couple weeks and am happy to share the results in the following categories – Ease of use, likelihood of reuse, aesthetics, value and Overall impressions.

Ease of use – 4/5

For the latest iPads and the iPad mini, this device is a cinch to set up.  You just have to make sure you have a AAA battery, a compatible app and your device’ blue tooth has to be on.  Then, there’s usually a setting somewhere in the chosen app where you can designate a stylus – tap that selection and you’re in business.   Setting up an iPad 2 requires a bridge via an iphone 4s or 5.  This is also not too difficult to set up but it does take a few steps.

Once you’re connected, you may have to do some tweaking on the brush sizes in your app of choice.  I found that I had to increase the brush size to get the sensitivity to work properly.  The rest… well it varies by the app.  I had mixed luck in the Adobe Ideas app with the wrist guard feature.  Sometimes it worked but other times it did not.  I don’t blame the pen for that though.

For an illustration of how easy it actually is, see the following video.


Likelihood of reuse – 5/5

This is a no brainer.  When drawing or painting on my iPad, I’ll be using the pogo connect.  No “normal” stylus compares.

Aesthetics – 4/5

The pen is simple, clean.  It feels good in my hand, although I might want it slightly thinner like a pencil.  The weight feels good and the little button was in a decent place though I found myself repeatedly clicking it.

Value – 4/5

At a retail price of $79.95, I personally feel that the pen is a great value for anyone making art on an iPad or someone looking for a way to make it more effective.  The Jot Touch 4 and JaJa are both comparable in features but are both more at $89.99 – I have not tried these out yet myself but wanted to give a pricing reference point.


Overall 4.25/5

I really could not find many things that I didn’t like about this product.  The price is right, the functionality is solid and it just works well.  Be sure to visit http://tenonedesign.com/connect.php – to review hardware and software capabilities before you invest.



Check the site for app compatibility.


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