4 Reasons Why Your Business Name and Logo Really Matter

For small businesses everywhere, it’s so hard to find a way to get noticed. Not only is getting noticed important but in order to keep your business alive, you need to have an effective business name and logo design.

Many small businesses never make it through the first couple of years because of poor planning and misguided priorities. This doesn’t have to happen with your business. The most important factors involve keeping your business afloat and getting it noticed as well. If you want to make them start talking, then you have to know why logo design really matters.

It really is that important to have a theme and design in mind from the start. There are four reasons why your company logo matters when you have a small business.

1. Getting noticed

One of the very first things that customers notice when they encounter a new business is its logo. Without the proper business name or logo design, your company will not succeed in bringing in customers, and ultimately, profits. The logo must be big enough, bright enough, and constructed in such a way that it grabs attention.

It has to make customers want to come and purchase whatever product or services you have to offer. If the customers like the services and products then they will become faithful customers.

Getting noticed simply takes the right marketing to create a tried-and-true theme. For small businesses, you will always be small in the eyes of the consumer without a proper business name and logo design.

2. Staying focused

There are so many aspects of the business that have to be considered. Not only is it important to ensure you’re bringing in good clients; it’s also important for your clients to see something that “wows” them, when they approach your business.

If you cannot focus on one very valuable theme, then all other aspects of the business will be vulnerable to failure. Before seeking out a strong customer base, decide and stabilize the design of your company logo to position your company to do effective marketing.

3. Staying organized

Any professional business must have solid internal organization to stay on top. Having a well-designed company logo, stationery, and business cards says a lot about how well you have put together your business. Keeping marketing strategies in sync with one another also helps to stay on track.

If your logo, name, and basic mission match, then your customer will more easily grasp what you’re trying to convey and thus, move toward a sale.

All other aspects of the business should also be organized in this manner. You have to produce a clean and neat company logo, before all the other things are able to fall into place, and work together to achieve company sales.

4. Looking professional

Nothing says business like a professional logo and business name. The importance of having a well-thought-out business letterhead and logo cannot be understated. If your logo is neat, uniform, and eye-catching, the consumer will take notice and decide your company stands out from the rest.

Cast bronze letters are a very good example of a highly professional logo. These letters are simple yet very effective for law firms and doctor’s offices. With the correct logo design, all other aspects of these professional businesses are more likely to fall into place.

Small businesses have a future, as long as they have good marketing and management skills. But without a reliable business plan, these skills can be lost in a mountain of confusion.

Having the perfect business name and logo design may make the difference between the life and death of your small business. If done correctly, your small business can grow into a very large and successful company.

Anna Johansson
Anna is a freelance writer and researcher from the Olympia, WA area who loves to obsess about weird topics and then write about them. When she isn't writing, she is outside on her bike and comtemplating her eventual trip to graduate school.

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