Is The Water We Drink Really Safe?

Crisp, clean water is essential as a part of healthy living. It is the foundation of all life on earth. As an important factor of life, it is necessary for survival. Healthy living has become more than a fashion. Today, many people are eating healthier, yet they may not consume the amount of fresh water that is suggested by the medical authorities. Many municipalities introduce chemicals into these systems for various reasons in an attempt to clean the supply. People are beginning to understand that water filter systems can remove any harmful additives, bacteria and other water contaminants.

There’s Something in the Water

Water filter systems are needed more-so because of man-produced industrial contaminants and additives that need not be present. There are 2,100 known toxins that produce unhealthy water, and while there are government regulations against fresh water contamination from industry and mining, there are new production techniques and chemical by-products constantly being developed, and it can take some time for Government regulation to keep up with each new development.

At the same time chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine are permitted to be included in drinking water, and it is debated that these can have a negative effect. There could be bone and teeth problems associated with the fluoride that’s introduced into the municipal drinking water supply, with many research papers being published about the possible unhealthy effects of fluoride in drinking water.

Chlorine can have many adverse effects too. Chlorine has been used as a disinfectant in water supplies for approximately 100 years. The benefits may not out-weigh the necessity. The long-term effect of chlorine in drinking water increases the risk of cancers such as bladder cancer and colon cancer.

How to Ensure Your Water is Safe

Let’s take a look at some alternatives to tap water and see how they compare:

Bottled Water

Bottled water sales are at an all-time high. It is estimated that $15 billion is spent on bottled water annually. The impact of plastic bottles on the environment is enormous. Many purchasers of bottled water are unaware that much of it is simply packaged municipal water and there is no additional benefit to drinking it.

Portable Pitcher Water Filters

There are several brands of portable water filters that are thought to purify water to its best for drinking. In actuality, these water filters only filter out chlorine and lead. They do not filter out chemical contaminants. Among these are pesticides and herbicides.

Faucet Mounted Water Filters

Some water filters are installed at the faucet and intervene at the flow. This results in a higher quality water filtration than pitcher water filters. Faucet mounted water filters do not eliminate chlorine and lead, but they do lower the amount of these contaminants found in tap water. Additionally, the filtered water is obtained only at that point. Any other facet must have its own filter mounted.

Baths and Showers

Many people are unaware that the body absorbs water through the skin. Dermal absorption is the process by which water and other liquids are retained by the skin. When this process takes place, toxins that may be present in the water are also absorbed into the body. Shower head water filter fixtures do a fair job at removing contaminants in water. However, the bath tub is neglected. Therefore, when the user is taking a shower, there is some benefit, but when taking a bath the pollutants are still present in the water.

Home Water Filter Systems

Home water filter systems are a healthy alternative to purchasing bottled water. Such a system benefits the user in many ways, including higher quality, money savings and no contamination because of the water traveling through pipe delivery systems. Home water filter systems remove chemicals and contaminants, leaving cleaner, healthier drinking water. Additionally, the PH balance and natural minerals are preserved. To properly clean water, solid carbon block filters work best. A carbon block water filter is a firmly compacted filter that practically eliminates contaminants, allergens and metals.

It is the misconception of many people that a home water filter system will only remove rust and other sediments, at best. Some systems do just that, but they are not made to filter metals out of drinking water. A good point-of-entry home filter system will remove metals, chemicals and other unhealthy by-products of fluoride and chlorine.

Whole house water filter systems are installed at the point that the unfiltered water enters the premises. It then flows through the filtration system. Access to clean, fresh water is convenient and available at any faucet, including showers and baths.

Despite efforts to improve water quality for human consumption, there remain health risks. Homes with a point-of-entry filter system provide great benefit. A whole house water filter system can be outfitted with the filters that are needed to provide fresh, clean, pollutant-free water. This water is of excellent quality for drinking, cooking and bathing.

Ellen Richards writes on home, health and wellbeing. She recommends H2Only home water filter systems to ensure safe drinking water in the home.

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