The 10 Most Entertaining Hidden Objects Games

Some of the funnest games are hidden objects games. These adventures leave you wanting more even after you’ve solved the very last puzzle and found the hidden treasure.

Here are ten hidden objects games that really keep your hungry for more.

1. The Awakening: Moonfell Wood

This one’s for those who loved the quests of Princess Sophia. The game follows the princess as she awakens from a mysterious sleep to find her family and friends missing.

As she travels through her magical world, she has to solve puzzles in order to find her family. The game offers smaller games within the bigger picture. The graphics are bright and stimulating for the eye and the series of quests keep you engaged.

2. The Phantom of the Opera

This game stands out for its amazing hand-drawn graphics. It leads you through the twisting tunnels beneath Paris to find the ghost of the phantom. Each clue teaches you more of his story and gets you closer to the heart of the game. This is a great choice for fans of “The Phantom of the Opera.”

3. Shiver: Vanishing

Like to be scared and totally creeped out? Shiver offers wonderfully spine-tingling background music and chilling effects. You might think this game like all the rest, but it has a level of horror quality that will leave you breathless.

Although the game focuses mostly on the plot, smaller hidden-object tests appear stategically throughout the journey. If the game gets too difficult, there’s a skip option to move along with the quest. If you like traveling to burial grounds and reading old journal entries, then this game should appeal.

4. Murder, She wrote

What more could you ask for? This hit television series churned out mystery after mystery. Now you can enjoy solving crimes yourself in this spin-off. Before finding the missing objects, you have to locate hidden keys to Jessica Fletcher’s typewriter. It’s a new twist to the old “hidden object objective.”

5. The Scruffs

This witty game focuses on saving Dad and finding Grandpa Scruff’s artifacts. The interesting part is how the hint system works. If you are having problems finding the objects, you can offer the family dog treats and follow his barks to locate the items that’s stumping you. Have fun while saving old Dad!

6. I-Spy, Eerie Mansion

If you ever read the I-Spy book series, then you might enjoy this game. This version offers riddles and scenery suitable for the whole family. What’s unique about I-Spy is that the riddles aren’t straightforward.

Instead of telling you what to look for, a riddle gives you the clue to the object you’re looking for. That make this hidden objects game particularly challenging!

7. Gardenscapes

If you love landscaping and gaming, this one might be perfect! In order to rebuild the mansion’s garden, you have to find and sell requested objects within a limited time period.

The faster you find the objects, the more you will be paid for them. The graphics of this game will make you fall in love with the characters while you strive to finish your task. This one is addictive!

8. Haunted Hotel

Here’s another creepy yet fun hidden objects game that the whole family might enjoy. In this adventure, you find yourself in an old hotel, trapped on one of the top floors. Various mysteries and puzzles must be solved in order to get out.

The best part about this game is riding the elevator. Each time you find yourself in the elevator, you never know what floor or mystery awaits you. It’s an intriguing adventure!

9. Criminal Minds

Want to be a part of the investigation? Then this one’s for you! Solve the case in this realistic version of Criminal Minds. Each mystery puts you more in depth with the mind of the investigator, or if you prefer, the mind of the killer.

Collecting clues is like collecting forensic evidence and solving the crime of this game. While switching between characters, you’ll discover a whole new world of mysterious and realistic gaming environments.

10. The Titanic

One of history’s great mysteries in game form should spark your curiosity for hidden objects. This amazing rendition of the famous story of the Titanic involves diving adventures and artifact reconstructions. Each mission explores a different area or room of the sunken ship. Not only does the game offer mysteries to solve, it also includes smaller games to challenge you further!

With these options in mind, finding an amazing hidden objects game is a fairly simple task. But choosing which one to play may be a problem!

Anna Johansson
Anna is a freelance writer and researcher from the Olympia, WA area who loves to obsess about weird topics and then write about them. When she isn't writing, she is outside on her bike and comtemplating her eventual trip to graduate school.

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