Why Fantasy Sports Are So Popular Among Sports Enthusiasts

The first fantasy football league was started all the way back in 1963. Since then, the game has grown into a billion dollar industry, and it shows no signs of slowing. With the NFL season right around the corner, now is the time to solidify your team’s spot in a fantasy league. However, football is not the only fantasy sport offered. Fantasy sports websites offer the four majors in addition to golf, auto racing and soccer. Free public leagues are available on a number of these sites. These leagues are often just for bragging rights and self-pride. More competitive leagues may be played for a prize. For example, many leagues deal with a pool of money. As moves are made, more and more money gets thrown into the pool. By the end of the year, the top two or three teams receive a cut of the money. Other leagues play for trophies, bobble heads or league champion t-shirts. While a prize is nice, sometimes the bragging rights over friends can be the best prize of all.

If you are a novice, you will quickly learn that there are a ton of fantasy sports websites to choose from. Different sites offer players different things, so it is smart to find the best site for your style of play. For example, there are now daily and weekly leagues if you don’t want the season-long commitment. Fantasy traditionalists tend to stick with a pre-season draft that dictates the team you go to battle with for the duration of the season. The players will only change because of waiver moves or trades.

For many fans, fantasy sports are a reason to pay attention to the sport more than they typically would. It offers a reason to stay tuned in even if their favorite team is not playing well. If the player’s favorite team is out of playoff contention they can switch their attention to their fantasy team. Hopefully their fantasy team is faring a little better. In addition, if you have a favorite player fantasy sports allow you to follow players more closely. Having a favorite player on your roster will allow you to track stats and player movement with fantasy player updates and other features (on websites such as Fantasy Feud). One helpful tip is to keep the good of the team in mind when acquiring a favorite player. Don’t draft a player too high and don’t give up too much in a trade. Having the player you want may be nice but if your team is in the cellar because of the move then it was for no good.

Fantasy sports offer players a fun, competitive outlet for their sports fandom. It gives you the ability to work as the general manager while talking trash with your buddies. You control all the waiver-wire moves and down-to-the-deadline trades. If you sculpt your roster well and get a little luck, you may end up winning a couple dollars in the process!

Mike Campelson is a sports journalist and avid fantasy sports enthusiast who blogs about what is happening in the world of sports today. In his blog posts, Mike discusses the best websites for up-to-date fantasy player updates so that you can manage your fantasy sports team as best as possible. Mike highly recommends that any sports fan visit Fantasy Feud online for excellent player updates and great fantasy sport league options!

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