Tips for Planning a Healthy Diet & Sticking to It

While having a healthy diet can be very beneficial to your health and well-being, changing your eating habits in order to have a healthy diet is not an easy job or so it seems. You will have think about food portion sizes, calorie consumption and nutrient content in order to get by. Fortunately, these are some tips you can follow to eat healthy without having to think about all those complicated stuff about eating healthy:

1. It is important to formulate your diet plan into simple and small steps that you can manage. This way, it will be easy for you to make changes in your lifestyle and eating habits. Having simple and small steps in your diet plan gets rid of the emotional and mental pressure that everyone goes through when trying to make permanent changes in their eating habits.

2. Making your diet simple can save you from the trouble of figuring things out when it comes to eating healthy. Instead of counting calories, limiting food choices and determining nutritional content, simply focus on food variety, color and freshness. This way, it would be easier for you to come up with recipes and decide on your meals. You can still focus on foods that you love. You can still cook your favorite popular chicken recipes that include healthy fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables.

3. Keep in mind that making permanent changes in your diet cannot be done overnight. You will not be able to change all your eating habits in a short period of time. Be patient and focus on making small changes at a time such as adding vegetable salads in your meals or using olive oil when cooking food. As you make all these small changes, you can gradually add more to your food choices and eating habits.

4. Keep your food portions in moderation. It does not mean you have to worry about how much carbohydrate or protein you are consuming. You can simply focus on balancing and adding variety your food sources. While most people think that moderating food portions means eating less food, particularly fatty foods and refined sugar, it does not mean that you should stay away from foods that you love to eat. Once in a while, you can eat bacon and fries. It is considered moderated if you follow it up with a few fruits and vegetables. It would be unhealthy if you follow it up with sausages or donuts. If you are willing to count your calorie intake, you can also add moderation to your calorie consumption. If you eat 100 calories of bread in the morning, you can fix it up by decreasing your calorie intake in the evening by 100 calories.

5. It is not always a good idea to limit your food choices. Banning certain foods, especially the ones that you love, will just make your crave more of those foods. If you like to eat sweet, fatty, or salty foods, then start by reducing your consumption of these foods. It is not necessary get rid of them completely in your daily meals. You can still eat these so-called unhealthy foods but you will just have to eat them less often than you normally would. After a while, you will be surprised that you will find yourself craving less of these foods.

6. Always think of small sizes when eating. Serving sizes have increased nowadays. When eating in a restaurant, always go for dishes that have small serving sizes. If ordering a small serving size is not possible, you can always share your plate with a friend or simply eat half a portion of your food and then bring the rest at home. When eating at home, use smaller plates. In case you feel like to need to eat more, you can eat a fruit or two until you feel satisfied.

When following these tips, you do not have to make it hard for yourself. Take one step at a time and be patient. After some time, you will be surprised with your progress.

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