There are some people who like to wear kneesocks to bed, and others who wear them to weddings. That is the great thing about knee high socks. No matter where you are going and what you are doing, knee highs almost always work with the outfit you are wearing and are almost always appropriate for the event you are attending or participating in. Whether you have been considering them for yourself, or if you want to purchase some for your children, the following will give you some ideas of how to wear knee highs for both casual and formal occasions.


Kneesocks are almost always appropriate in a casual setting. You can wear them with your pajama shorts, with a pair of old cut off jeans, and so much more. The really good news is that if you want to look stylish at school during the winter, knee high socks will keep your legs warm and you can still wear your favorite shorts or skirt. When wearing the socks casually, you can wear them with a pair of cowboy boots, some sneakers, and even with sandals. You can wear them to school, to lounge around the house, to sleep in, and even to the beach if you want to. Knee high socks come in a variety of different styles and colors as well. Casual styles might include tie-dye, stripes, and even solid colors. One particularly casual look that is so simple to pull off is a white t-shirt, cut off jeans, fun printed knee highs, and sneakers. When you wear an outfit like that, your socks will scream for attention.


When you wear your knee high socks in a formal setting, you will probably need to do it just right in order to pull it off. The good news is that it’s not hard. Knee highs look great with skirts of varying lengths, but especially good with short skirts. When you wear the socks with a short skirt that shows the socks off, you may want to look for socks that are lace or fishnet so that it gives a more formal look to what you are wearing. Pair your lace socks and short skirt with some sleek high heels and you will have an outfit that is formal enough for any wedding, graduation, or other formal event. Another benefit of wearing knee highs to a formal event is that many events require fancy attire, which can sometimes be a little uncomfortable. Whether you wear the socks with designer boots or a short skirt, the socks will keep your legs warm and comfortable.

If you have kneesocks and are simply not sure how to wear them for casual or formal occasions, there are plenty of ideas all over the internet. Because there are so many fun designs and styles and because there are so many different ways to wear them, you can almost wear knee high socks with any outfit you have in your closet. If you are looking for more ideas on how to wear your knee highs, search the internet for pictures of people wearing them and you will find a load of great ideas.

Kayla bloggs about fashion and style in her free time and enjoys sharing her love of clothes and shopping with other bloggers.

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