Bad to the Bone Means Good for the Air

The reasons that riding a motorcycle is cool have expanded once again. It is not just a sexy look anymore. Riding a motorcycle actually benefits the environment. Hopping on a bike will allow you to raise the status of your image, get to work much faster, and lower your carbon footprint all at the same time. In addition, the cost of a new motorcycle is considerably lower than that of a new car. Looking at the environmental impact in further depth is sure to have you shopping for helmets in no time.
Get the Lead Out
The first place to begin is with the emissions. Motorcycles consume less fuel than cars, and their engines are considerably smaller. A 250cc motorcycle engine emits 21 percent less than the average commuter car in typical traffic conditions in large cities. If a considerable number of the travelers on the road switched to motorcycles, then the traffic flow would improve, which would result in an additional 5 percent reduction of emissions. The longer cars are idling on the road or moving at a snail’s pace, the more harm they are doing to the atmosphere.

Killer Chemicals
Studies reveal that the kinds of emissions that motorcycles reduce are very specific. They release much lower levels of carbon dioxide than the average car. Carbon dioxide is the gas that is specifically linked to accelerating global warming. This toxin is also a big contributor to smog, the ghastly dark clouds that hang over states like California. While motorcycles may not excel at reducing hydrocarbons, they do make a serious impact when it comes to cleaning up the air we breathe.
The Numbers Don’t Lie
Basic fuel economy really strengthens the case for motorcycles. On the very worst end of the spectrum, a motorcycle will get 30 miles per gallon (mpg). Smaller bikes easily have the ability to get well above 100 mpg. Lowering the amount of fuel that you use in your daily commute has a direct effect on the environment. Indirectly, you are helping to lessen the demand for fossil fuels. If you are not a carpooler and all you ever need to transport is yourself, then switching to a motorcycle is doing everyone a favor.

Join in the Race
Motorcycles are not being left out of the electric vehicle revolution. Purely electric motorcycles reduce emissions without sacrificing the number of miles you can travel on a daily basis. Electric motorcycles on the market today can average anywhere between 50 and 100 miles per charge. The speed is not limited either. One specially designed electric motorcycle has been documented traveling at 158 mph. Electric motorcycles are currently available on the open market, but there is also the option of converting the bike that you currently own with little expense or effort. The money that goes into the conversion process will be returned very quickly due to the fact that you are eliminating your annual fuel bill.


This article was written by Sheldon Armstrong, a regular contributor here at INFOtainment News. He writes this on behalf of Bennche, your number one choice when looking for a 250cc motorcycle. Check out their website today and see how they can help you get the right bike!

Bad to the Bone Means Good for the Air  2
Sheldon Armstrong
Sheldon Armstrong is a regular contributor for INFOtainment News. He loves writing about technology and keeping up with the latest gadgets on the market. In addition, he contributes articles covering a wide range of topics together with his friends who appear as guest writers every now and then.

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