Market Yourself: Publish Your Own Novel in 2013

It might have taken years, but finally that novel you dreamed of writing is finished. The numerous edits as you carefully considered the nuance of every word has paid off for you. You have a literary work of art that you are proud to claim as your own. Though it may seem like a guaranteed instant success from your point of view, it is a fact that you will likely encounter significant difficulties in trying to find an established publisher; self-publishing can help you avoid the hassle of finding a publisher and also begin the process of marketing your book.

Publishing Houses

Sitting at your desk, you pronounce your novel complete, and now it’s time to submit it to a publishing house. You’ve investigated the ones that will be the best fit for your novel. A query letter is written and sent off with a copy of your novel. The waiting begins. Within a week or two, it comes back with a rejection. It’s sent out again to a different house, and another rejection is received. This could go on for months before the writer gives up, or there is finally an acceptance letter.

A novel that is accepted at a big publishing house will come with an advance of some kind. The advance varies. It could be between $2000, $5000, or as much as $100,000. After the celebration, the offer is accepted, and contracts are signed. Edits begin. The edits you did already won’t matter. The publisher may want the protagonist to be a man, or the setting changed to the opposite of what was written.

Basically, the novel you wrote gets slashed to bits, destroying what you loved most about the book, and on top of that, the cover art is bland and uninteresting.

The publishing house doesn’t care. As the newest acquisition, the publisher expects you to make the changes. After you have compromised and delivered what is wanted, you get to share your profits with that publishing house. For each sale of your book, you might receive 15 percent of the proceeds.


Instead of dealing with a publishing house, there are many ways to self-publish and have complete control over your novel. From the edits to the cover art, every part of the process, from the novel’s idea to its ultimate sale, is in your control.

With big online retailers such as Amazon making it easier for authors to self-publish, there is no reason to go with a big publishing house. The only thing they offer is validation that your book is sellable. If you didn’t believe that was true, you wouldn’t have spent months writing and re-writing that novel until it was perfection. Provide your own validation.

Self-publishing gives the freedom to create the perfect cover; which you can do yourself, or hire a professional that will listen to exactly what you want and produce it to your specifications. It’s the freedom to keep your characters true to the dream you envisioned when you set out to tell this tale. Whether you choose eBook or print publishing, there are independent companies that will help produce your book for a fee like Createspace. They will create a professional product that you can be proud to associate with your novel.

You make decisions regarding edits, cover art, pricing, and marketing. Self-publishing is hard work. Every decision is yours and yours alone, but it’s more rewarding to self-publish, and the rewards including royalties are yours alone, too.

Jason Woods has spent his entire career writing and blogging about the finer points of advertising, marketing, PR, publishing, media, business development as well as other issues; to learn more about the world of PR visit Power PR and view their resources on the matter.

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