Freight Regulations and International Trade

Having goods transported from one place to another is a significant part of national business. It is important to understand freight regulations before moving forward with any transaction or movement agreement. Many businesses forget to pay attention to these details and can get in trouble with the law. Local and federal regulations are stringent when it comes to regulating transportation of goods across the nation. Let’s take a look at some of the developments seen in freight regulations within the US.

Freight Admissibility
With an influx of freight regulations, it is important to note what is allowed and what is not. The US has seen a rise in accommodation options for truck drivers in a bid to standardize transportation across the country. How is this done? Port terminals now can handle parking and other transportation needs. They now act as a pit stop for drivers who need to make repairs or bunker down for the night. This was not available in the past and led to several avoidable issues. It is pertinent to understand the inclusion of these improvements before moving forward. They can go a long way in ensuring all employees are taken care of and protected.

Increase in Weight
With a noticeable rise in technology in the automotive sector, weight has become a point of debate. There have been many suggestions on whether or not weight restrictions should be changed.

The new generation of trucks is better equipped to handle extra weight but with current weight regulations businesses can’t take advantage of this new capability. Thus, resources are not maximized, costing businesses money and putting extra trucks on the road

Each state has different weight allowances. But federal regulations have looked at altering the weight class across the board. Changes in the idle reduction weight are slowly being processed across the nation. The idle reduction equipment has been pushed from 400 lb to 500 lb, according to the Federal HighwayAdministration. It is a nice way of demonstrating a focus towards an eco-friendly future.

Focus on Eco-friendly Solutions
More eco-friendly solutions are being implemented across the board. As suggested above, the first change comes in the form of the idle reduction technology placed in trucks. This technology is used to lower the impact a driver has on the environment when leaving the truck running. By increasing the weight, there is more room to improve and enhance functionality.

Eco-friendly solutions do not cease there. The High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane is being used as an option for vehicles with multiple passengers. It is a unique way of ensuring all freight transportation methods are being maximized. Various bills have been passed to ensure the roads are remaining in sync with developing policies.

Businesses can assume all of their trucks will be inspected on a regular basis. This is an extended part of the previous policy that has been made more specific to comply with today’s stringent regulations.



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