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I had been putting off buying replacement blades for my mega-corporation brand 6 blade battery powered razor when I ran across a social media advertisement for Harry’s. The advert boasted to have blades for half their competitors price and matching quality.  I like to support a good startup when possible, so rather than drop another $50 at Costco, I surfed over to and placed an order for the Mammoth set.

Five days later this handsome box landed on my doorstep.  For what I would have spent on 20 new blades for my Gillette Fusion at Costco, I received 19 blades, the Winston razor handle, two tubes of shave cream, a thank you card with contact information, and a shave guide, all in a handsome gift worthy box.

Anybody can sell a cheap razor, so I was anxious to put this razor to the test. Besides, I had waited 3 days to shave and the grey in my beard was giving away my age.

Before cutting away, I read the included shave guide to see if I had been doing it wrong my entire adult life. Feeling relieved that I knew how to shave properly, I headed for the vanity.  Immediately after unboxing, I noticed the comfortable weight and shape of the Winston handle.  The shape fit my hand perfectly and the handle had a sufficient weight; not too heavy and balanced nicely. As I smoothed the included shave cream across my beard, I instantly became enamored with the pleasant eucalyptus aroma. When I put blade to work, I was impressed with the quality and attention to detail of the entire package.  The blade was as good as any I have ever used, the cream soothes the skin and softens your beard, and the razor just glides across your facial features effortlessly.

The Highlights

The shave cream is luxurious.  What I thought of as a throw-away add on, has become an essential part of my morning shave. Shipping fees are nearly non-existent at Harry’s; only the smallest package of 4 replacement blades incur a shipping charge.

The Lowlights

What I do miss about my old razor is the detail blade on the back.  It came in handy when trimming  sideburns and underneath the nose.

The Bottom-line

I am sad that I either overlooked or was not presented with the option to have Harry’s auto ship replacement blades on schedule.  I am so pleased with this razor that I don’t foresee any reason to change.  I will never go back to begging drug store clerks to open the razor case and trying to figure out rewards dollars and sale offers on blades.  I will leave it to Harry’s and let the mailman bring me fresh blades when I need them at half the cost of my old Gillette blades.

Don’t just take my word for it – use my referral code and try out Harry’s razors for yourself.

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