College students nowadays have quite the repertoire of expensive toys and gadgets that many stash away in their dorm rooms. And with this stash, comes the possibility of theft. Unfortunately whenever you have anything of value, you’re going to have unwanted attention. However there are things you can do to safeguard and keep your valuables safe from harm or theft.


If you’re smart and keep measures in place to protect yourself and your property, you should be good to go. But even those who are diligent and make sure they protect themselves are at risk. Keep reading for a few good tips on ways to keep your valuables safe from intruders and others wishing to do harm.

1. Take With You –


If you have just but a few important items such as a laptop and a smartphone, then take it with you. This can be in the form of a backpack or messenger bag and simply means you’re going to keep them close at hand. One thing many consumers do is to camouflage their tech and not only their tech but where and how they store it. For example, instead of using a traditional laptop bag or backpack, you can use a less obvious means of transporting your laptop. This way no one will know what you have in it and or think you have something else in the bag. In other words, it won’t be an automatic giveaway to the would be assailant.

2. Keep Under Lock and Key –


Another way to safeguard the valuables in your dorm room is to keep it under lock and key. Get a safe or other similar type of safety box which can only be accessed with either a key or a lock of some sort. This doesn’t guarantee safety, however it certainly deters and makes it harder to grab. The better your safety box is, the better your chance of protection will be.

3. Get Insurance –


One of the smartest things any college student or dorm room student can do is to get him or herself some insurance. The good thing about apartment insurance is that it’s not expensive at all and can literally save you from a ton of headache, not too mention save you lots of money. Apartment insurance can be found online via many quote sites and or locally through an agent. Whichever way you decide to go to find a good policy, keep in mind the value of your property and get a policy that matches what you own. There’s no need to run out and get a $20,000 policy if what own is only worth about $5,000. So get appropriate coverage.

4. Choose Your Friends Wisely –


This is an old adage that most certainly applies in this situation. The friends you keep can make the difference between getting your dorm room broken into and one that is relatively safe from harm. Choose your friends wisely, this means keep away from those who engage in risky behaviors and practices. The better people you surround yourself with, the better your chances of not having something chaotic, happen to you or your property. So choose your friends wisely while in college and for that matter – throughout life.


College is suppose to be a time of discovery, fun and knowledge. Don’t let a couple of bad decisions turn it into something else entirely. Be smart, have fun and hit the books with all you’ve got.

Guest post written by Brett Davis who writes for the Wisconsin department of insurance where he tackles topics of interest to all those in the personal finance space.

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