Affordable Storage: The Choice for Those with the Collecting Gene

It’s been your passion for as long as you can remember. You’ve acquired pieces from sources far and wide – places you’ve visited, gifts from friends and relatives, rummage sales, thrifts stores, the list goes on. However, your collection is taking over your home. While throwing away your valued collectables might seem like the only option, there is a solution that allows you to keep those items with history and precious memories without giving up your living space or causing strife with other household members. Storing your items off-site, away from your home can be very cost effective and in some cases, free!

Storage Options

One possible solution is a storage unit. Storage units can range from the very low cost monthly fee units you drive up to, unload your boxes, and then close and lock an overhead door. Other units have interior access and climate control options to protect more fragile collections. This type of unit can cost a little more but may be necessary if your collection needs to be maintained in an environment free from extreme temperature.

Additionally, insurance policies are often affordable options that can provide peace of mind. Another option for certain types of collections is to find a business to display your collection. Businesses that provide this service can range from museums to welcome centers to entertainment venues and more depending on exactly what type of collection you have. This not only frees up your living space but gives you a fun place to visit your treasures while sharing them with the public. What better way to honor the collection to which you’ve dedicated so much love and time than to share it with the world!

The Benefits

Whatever storage option you choose the important things to remember are the benefits of seeking new space for your collection. A growing collection can restrict your living space. This can lead to clutter which studies say affects your overall happiness and well-being. Extreme cases of clutter can lead to difficulties in maintaining cleanliness which can in turn lead to health issues and other safety and fire hazards. Furthermore, a lack of space for your collection can lead to those treasured pieces being buried amongst others which prevent you from truly enjoying them.

For the avid collector, family strife is not uncommon. Often times our spouses, children, or roommates don’t share the enthusiasm we have for a particular type of item. This can lead to arguing and resentment; especially if the other members of the household feel neglected or have the impression their personal space is not valued. Seeking proper storage can correct these misunderstandings and lead to not only your own happiness but also the happiness of those around you.

These benefits to off-site storage far outweigh the struggles you may be facing with your collection in house and should not be feared. In fact, you may find that choosing this option makes you enjoy your collection more since you will now be able to appreciate it more and others will, too.

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Kevin Sheridan is a freelance writer focusing on travel, moving, storage, the collecting bug, cheap self storage, foreign cultures and other issues.

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Affordable Storage: The Choice for Those with the Collecting Gene 2
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