Owning a vehicle has its many benefits but if not its not managed properly, can turn into quite the expense. If not maintained, costly repairs can skyrocket. If not driven properly, accidents can take place and your insurance costs go up and so on. But even just basic routine costs can also add up if you don’t know where to look for savings. This article covers a series of tips on saving when it comes to car costs and the best part is – anyone can apply them.

saving on car costs

If you have tips of your own to share, please reference them below in the comment area after the article. Read on.

1. Sign Up to Local Merchant Email Newsletters – this is a tip I read about in Money magazine and loved. It’s simple really. You look for the website of local auto repair or service shops in your area and then check to see if they have an email newsletter. The reason you want to do this is because many times, great coupons can be had by signing up. Sometimes its a free or discounted oil change, other times it can be a percent off coupon toward repairs. Either way, it’s good savings.

2. Check Auto Repair Shop Facebook Pages –did you know most of the big auto repair shops are on Facebook? Such as Firestone, Jiffy Lube, Goodyear and so on. Many times, these companies will post awesome deals on their Facebook page, but you need to “like” the page to get them. Do so and save big at checkout.

3. Use Coupons – this is an old stand by. You can look for coupons in the local Sunday paper and check for oil changes, tire repair, service work, etc. The Sunday paper is your best bet, they usually have lots of good ones. However the twist here with your phone, is to go online via the mobile version of the Sunday paper. Shop Mobile – most car accessory and part shops have an online store that allow you to shop directly from your phone. Go mobile and shop mobile. Have you heard of the Coupons.com app? We discovered this app last year for Android, and we scored a ton of discounts and even a few freebies. They have both national and local coupons and yes! many are car service or repair shops. Sometimes instead of a great deal or discount, you can score a cute freebie such as a road map, an atlas or even a tire gauge. I know I have just by signing up to email newsletters, liking a page on Facebook and so on. Look for the freebies on your mobile.

4. Check Local Deals – even though the big name chains usually have hot discounts on most routine car maintenance, a local non chain might have good deals as well. You just need to check them out either online via their mobile website or even the yellow pages. Yep! the yellow pages are still around and most have a very good coupon section.

5. Make Appt Reservations – I know for a fact that oil change shops like Jiffy Lube and Firestone allow you to book appointments via their mobile app. This saves you time and money, by simply doing it to and from your drive to work or while waiting on your commute to and from work. No need to lug the laptop out, or hold for 25 minutes on the phone. Just use the handy dandy app to make appointments.

6. Download Your Car Manual – by having your specific car manual on hand, you can learn exactly what your car needs and and get the appropriate parts. By knowing this information, you can then implement tip number twelve below.

7. Sign up for Roadside Assistance – one of the easiest and simplest ways to get peace of mind while on the road, is to sign up for roadside assistance. This annual service usually costs about $40 to $60 dollars and nets you many benefits, including: towing, lock out, tire changes, batter changes and even gas delivery. Well worth the small annual fee.

8. Share Deals with Friends – did you know that many times, by referring friends and family to other merchants you can get a great deal or discount. Lots of merchants do this online and will clearly display it on their website. This is what we’ve seen: Refer a friend and get a free oil change. Refer a friend and get 20% off your next service.

9. Price Compare – as we noted above, one good way to save on car costs is to get a hold of the digital copy of your car manual and download it to your phone. This way when an unexpected expense takes place, you can look up the car part quickly on your mobile – and do some price comparisons. This is a little known but smart way to save on car expenses.

There you have it. Nine excellent ways to save on car costs using your cell phone. What can you add? Tell us below in the comment area.

Guest article brought to you by Cassandra Milestone who writes for http://www.ExpertInsuranceReviews.com.

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