What do you get when you mix football, too much alcohol, and a camera at the local police station? That’s right, funny mugshots of football fans who drank too much, thought too little, and ended up spending a night (or two) in the slammer.

Here’s 5 of the funniest looking football fans posing for a picture. But don’t thank them for the laugh-out-louds, thank the Internet.

Regina “Mean Mug” Campell (Notre Dame)

5 Hilarious Football Fan Mugshots 2

Image via Muggn

Chances are Regina didn’t attend the University of Notre Dame, and if she did, she didn’t pray enough. Not only did her Fighting Irish lose in a blowout to its rival, the Purdue Boilermakers, she was caught walking out of the stadium in the third quarter with an open container in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other.

No wonder Regina is sad and apparently tried to pull her hair out. A dedicated football fan, indeed.

Ronald “Pretty Hair” Johnson (Florida State)

5 Hilarious Football Fan Mugshots 3

Image via Muggn

Nothing says dedicated — to your hair — like jumping up and down for four quarters watching your team win while still managing to keep your ‘do perfectly in place. Sure, Ronald had the help of a fine-tooth comb to keep those strands from parting ways, but it’s still a wonder how that hair came out unscathed in the hot Florida sun.

So what did Ronald get arrested for, you ask? Well, while Mr. Johnson obviously cares a lot about his appearance, he doesn’t have the decency to urinate in a bathroom.

Larry “Been Balding Since 1980” Evans (University of Georgia)

5 Hilarious Football Fan Mugshots 4

Image via Muggn

Speaking of hair, Larry has lost it since 1980 (which, coincidentally, was the last time the Georgia Bulldogs won the National Championship). Although his Bulldogs won against its rival, the Auburn Tigers, Mr. Evans was clearly agitated during his booking photo.

Not only did Larry opt to show his derriere to opposing fans while Auburn University police officers looked on, when handcuffed he yelled, “They may take our freedom, but they’ll never take our football!”

Fortunately for Larry, his stay in county jail wasn't long enough to deprive him of pigskin, so in an odd way his Braveheart reference was true.

Jose “Punch-for-Punch” Hernandez  (University of Texas)

5 Hilarious Football Fan Mugshots 5

Image via Muggn

When you think of Texas, you think of big. At 260 pounds, it’s a wonder why anyone would’ve tried to attack Hernandez. The problem? Instead of using his fists to battle off the few punches his face absorbed, he took his full beer and smashed it over the other person’s head.

If you ever buy Texas Longhorns Football Tickets, you might want to consider contacting Jose and hiring him as a personal body-guard in case things get rowdy (if he's out of jail by then). Just be sure to tell him not to waste the beer next time.

Stacey “The Butt of the Joke” Allen (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

5 Hilarious Football Fan Mugshots 6

Image via Muggn

Like Larry, Stacey decided to flash her buttocks to opposing fans. The difference: Stacey wasn't just showing her pale bum off, she was exhibiting the large red “N” on her left cheek. To fans like herself, the “N” might stand for “Nebraska.” To the laughing spectators she was flashing it too, it stood for “Not very smart.”

Everyone loves a good game of football, but no one likes a jail cell. When you're out cheering for your favorite team, remember that your actions could lead to consequences.

Enjoy the game, have fun, and stay out of trouble. Or maybe you'll be the next mugshot on this list!

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He's an avid gadget geek and spends most of his time reading or writing.

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