Most Common Crimes Committed

Criminal activity occurs in all parts of the world. One country might experience record-setting nonviolent crimes like unarmed burglary, while another suffers from high rates of violent crimes like murder. The United States has seen an overall decline in criminal activity, and patterns have emerged over time. Below are the most common crimes committed in the nation and the punishments associated with them.

Crimes Leading to the Most Arrests
There are different categories into which crimes are organized by the federal authorities. The three most common crimes leading to arrests are drug abuse, drunk driving and larceny-theft.

Drug abuse violations are a common theme in arrests, and are a serious national issue. Due to the havoc caused by drug abuse, arrests are often made effective immediately. Many agencies are overwhelmed with these cases and list drug abuse as one of the most common crimes committed. The punishment for this crime can range from a small fine to a prison sentence. First-time abusers are generally on the lower end of the punishment scale.

The second-most-common crime in terms of arrests is driving while intoxicated. Much like drug abuse, drunk driving is an issue that continues to disrupt communities and frustrate authorities. The punishment associated with drunk driving ranges from small fines to prison sentences. The factors affecting punishment include blood alcohol level and any additional crimes resulting from driving while drunk.

The third-most-common crime in terms of arrests is larceny-theft. Punishment depends on the nature of the larceny-theft and whether the perpetrator is a repeat offender. It can range from large fines to prison sentences.

Violent Crimes
Violent crimes make headlines more often than drug abuse, drunk driving and larceny-theft, and they’re the ones citizens worry most about. According to the FBI, aggravated assault is the most common violent crime in the US, accounting for more than 60 percent of the violent crimes committed each year.

The punishment associated with violent crimes depends on the severity of the act. Most cases are treated as regular misdemeanors, but in severe cases, perpetrators are automatically listed felons. If someone assaults an officer, the act is automatically a felony regardless of its severity. This is in place to protect law enforcement officers from being attacked on the job. Each state has its own laws related to punishments and categorizations of aggravated assault.

While both violent and nonviolent crimes occur in the US, nonviolent crimes, including drug abuse and drunken driving, have negatively affected society for many years. Violent crimes may seem more terrifying and be more newsworthy, but the three most popular crimes in the US have had a detrimental impact on many communities.


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