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College is one of the best experiences someone can go through, but afterwards a graduate might not know which direction to go in life. There are so many choices for a graduate to make about his or her future, it can be hard to know what to do to find a job and start a career. To find a stable source of income after college, a graduate should look at moving into a city where the economy is strong. Additionally, a graduate should work in a city that has a lot of opportunities to land a job in his or her field of study. Below are a few of the top cities for college grads to start their lives in.

One of Texas’ three biggest cities, Houston is still expanding. The size of the state allows for an almost endless amount of expansion both geographically and economically. Houston has a growing economy with an average annual salary of over $62,000. The medical field is the biggest one in the city, so anyone that studied medicine in school will have an easy time landing a job in this city. The cost of living is relatively cheap compared to big cities such as Los Angeles and New York, which makes  Houston a good place to live when you want to make a nice salary and save for the future.
Did you know that many corporate offices for major companies are located in Seattle? If you are looking to become an executive of a business, then this is the city to start your career. The average salary a person makes in Seattle is around $70,000 annually. This allows for a lot of people to buy homes and live comfortable lives. The city is dominated by businesses so you should consider this place to live if you studied business, accounting, or some type of related field.

What makes Charlotte so appealing is the fact that it does not cost a lot to live in this area. Graduates can pick up a part time job and search for a career in their field before landing a serious position. North Carolina’s economy is on the rise, which is a good sign that there will be plenty of jobs in the future. Homes are not expensive in this area, making it especially welcoming to recent graduates who may still have student loans to pay.

San Francisco

San Francisco
Many news outlets and Internet companies have base operations out of San Francisco. The area around the city has a lot of prestigious universities with gifted minds that aim to advance the city. The cost of living is a bit more expensive than other places around the United States, but opportunities to find work and do some good in the world abound. To compensate for the cost of living, public transportation is easily accessible and owning a personal vehicle is not necessary. People make an average of $67,000 every year working in San Francisco.

Research cities that interest you to figure out where you want to live after you graduate college. These cities are a good place to start your research, and, maybe, your life after college.


This article was written by Sheldon Armstrong, a regular contributor at INFOtainment News. He writes this on behalf of NDMS, your number one choice when looking for a mover in Dallas. Check them out today if you’re looking to move to any of these cities!

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Sheldon Armstrong
Sheldon Armstrong is a regular contributor for INFOtainment News. He loves writing about technology and keeping up with the latest gadgets on the market. In addition, he contributes articles covering a wide range of topics together with his friends who appear as guest writers every now and then.

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