“Get Street Smart” Episode 3 – How To Improve The Safety Of Drivers

Safety is paramount in vehicles, and there is no greater feeling than knowing that the car you own is equipped to keep you as safe as possible. As numerous studies and safety procedures that have been carried out on Formula One cars have shown, the seat is paramount in ensuring safety, but also comfort for long races.

“Get Street Smart” has taken these studies forward and is back again this time with a video giving us a clear understanding about the importance of seats made for each driver, which keeps the driver secure in place within the vehicle.

Ensuring that the Formula One driver is safe means that the driver must not move and should be strapped in as securely as possible. If the driver were to move whilst seated, they would find it difficult to identify whether the car, the wheels or themselves are actually moving, meaning that safety is compromised. With the absorption features of the seat, the driver is able to focus and perform at the highest possible level. Maintaining proper positioning of the spine and head ensures that on impact the seat will protect the driver.

Money is no object when it comes to driving and competing in Formula One, but can these special seats be implemented on a commercial road car vehicle? Unlike Formula One cars, the commercial road car manufacturers try to save as much money as possible and it is commonly argued that instead of spending time on ways to save money, they should in fact try improve the safety of their drivers. As mentioned previously, the high caliber seats in Formula One provides the ultimate protection and safety and commercial road cars should take note.

Proper positioning of the driver is vital and commercial road car manufacturers should constantly study and provide new ways to ensure that the driver is not only comfortable, but safe if ever there is an accident. Just like in Formula One where each seat is different and is made specifically to the driver, commercial road vehicles should offer the same, especially high caliber vehicles. A way to do this is when purchasing a car direct from the manufacturer, there should be the option of making the seat to fit all your needs, ensuring proper spinal and head positioning.

The importance of a headrest should never be overlooked, and it is so important that the head rest is placed in the proper position, so that if there was an impact, your head and neck will be safe, allowing you to stay clear of any spinal injuries. With the differing heights of drivers, there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to safety in the car.

“Get Street Smart” Episode 3 - How To Improve The Safety Of Drivers 4
“Get Street Smart” Episode 3 - How To Improve The Safety Of Drivers 6
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