Starting up a business is hard work, requiring an extraordinary amount of work and commitment. In order to succeed, there are several characteristics an entrepreneur should have.


Starting up a business certainly is not easy; it takes an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and dedication.  It is a constant battle to win new business and acquire more market share. Therefore, the successful entrepreneur must have ambition. He must have a clear vision and he must be dedicated to the realization of that vision, willing to put in long hours and make personal sacrifices.


The process of starting up and running any kind of business is of course fraught with trials and tribulations. However, a successful entrepreneur never accepts defeat in face of a setback. Rather, he perseveres to overcome obstacles and is resilient in dealing with problems, able to adapt and develop creative solutions.


The successful entrepreneur must love what he does. He must lead his business with enthusiasm and passion. As previously mentioned, starting up a new business is taxing, emotionally, personally, and financially. Therefore in order to succeed an entrepreneur must be highly motivated. And passion serves as one of the most effective forms of motivation. When an individual truly loves what they are doing, they are all the more devoted to it, willing to put in 100% of their effort 100% of the time.

7 Common Traits that Every Successful Entrepreneur Has 2


When implementing a new vision, oftentimes not everything goes exactly as planned. The successful entrepreneur needs to value flexibility and he needs to know how to adapt. This also means that a successful entrepreneur is never afraid to fail.  Should something not work, whether a new employee or a specific kind of business plan, he needs to have the flexibility to move on and head in another direction.


When it comes to running a business, effective leadership is absolutely essential. Therefore, the successful entrepreneur needs to be a highly adept leader. He should be able to effectively manage his business, delegating tasks and dividing labor. But beyond that, the successful entrepreneur also needs to be inspirational as a leader. He needs to be able to inspire those working for him to ensure that they believe in his vision as much as he does.

7 Common Traits that Every Successful Entrepreneur Has 3


All in all, a good idea is the cornerstone of any successful business. Therefore the successful entrepreneur must have good, creative ideas, and ideally he should have lots of them. He should be original and resourceful, able to innovate and invent, constantly driven to develop new ideas and improve upon existing processes.


Successful entrepreneurs certainly don’t achieve success alone. Rather, a social and professional network has often supported them through the trials and tribulations of developing a business. The successful entrepreneur accepts help from others, and acknowledges this help humbly and gracefully.

William Johnson is an aspiring entreprenuer. He is also one of the contributors to Mark Cuban‘s website,

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