5 Best Health Supplements for Men

Staying active and healthy is without a doubt the most important aspect of anyone’s life. As we age, keeping our health in check becomes more challenging. I learned this firsthand once I turned 40.

I am in my mid 40s, was having problems finding energy, and just felt drained all the time. I had a lot of trouble concentrating and started having stress-related headaches a couple of times a month. Originally, I was skeptical as to whether herbal supplements actually worked, but because I did not have prescription insurance coverage, I had no other option than to try natural remedies for my ailments.

Deciding which supplements to choose was a daunting task. This is especially true because many of the supplements available focused mainly on enhancing athletic ability. While this is important, other aspects of my life were also important and needed to be addressed. For me, stress-induced headaches and lack of energy made it to the top of my list.

When I had a good day, I would do research online. I began looking at the various herbal supplements available and discovered that there were many that could help me. I chose five herbal supplements to use regularly. I must admit that I do notice a difference in the way I feel since I began taking these supplements. In my opinion, no man should be without these five health supplements.

The Five Best Health Supplements for Men

1. Korean Ginseng

Chinese medicine has relied on Asian ginseng for two thousand years. Traditionally, they used this herb to enhance the physical and mental vitality of the elderly. However, it has also been found to be beneficial for younger men. This herb helps men perform mental tasks and reduces mental fatigue, as well as improving the body’s ability to metabolize blood sugar. Not only that, this supplement will boost testosterone levels, which also makes it useful for men who are having erectile dysfunction.

2. Ginko Biloba

It opens the blood vessels that deliver blood to your brain. Helps with memory and reduces your chance of suffering pancreatic cancer. Another interesting benefit of Ginko Biloba is that it helps with altitude sickness. So, if you plan to go skiing, don’t forget to take your Ginko Biloba.

3. Gogi Berry

The Gogi Berry has one of the highest ratings as an antioxidant (given to fruit). This supplement also reduces the incidence of insulin resistance, which can decrease your chance of becoming a diabetic.

4. Rhodiola

This herb comes from traditional Russian medicine. It has been used for centuries by both Scandinavia and Russia. This herb helps our bodies deal with stress. It improves your attention span and decreases fatigue while enhancing your memory. It also stimulates the immune system, is an antioxidant and is believed to increase your sexual desire because it can boost testosterone levels.

5. Ashwagandha

This herb benefits your body in a lot of ways. It makes your immune system stronger, provides antioxidants that give you protection from free radicals, helps promote healthy kidney and liver function, relieves joint pain and can support healthy cholesterol levels (if you are not already having problems with elevated cholesterol levels).

I wish I had known the benefits of these supplements in my younger years. I can only imagine the difference that taking this regimen back then would have made in my everyday life.

Drew Littlejohns is the owner of VH Nutrition and is an avid writer and story teller tying to help others grow in their fitness goals. You can reach him via google+ and facebook.

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