The Essential Kit for Summer Travelling

This summer, thousands of teenagers will be off travelling for months on end, and obviously this can be concerning for parents who are left at home with no consistent way of staying in touch. That is why the best thing you can do for your child and your own sanity is to provide them with all the kit they need to stay safe and healthy on their travels. If your teenagers are off globetrotting this year, what should you give them to help them out?

The obvious place to start is a first aid kid. Whether they’ll be interrailing around Europe, travelling around South America or jetting off to South East Asia for a gap year adventure, accidents can happen, so it’s important that your child is prepared for any eventuality if they can’t get to a medical centre easily. Antiseptic wipes, plasters, bandages and painkillers are the basic first aid staples, but you can buy pre-packaged kits from chemists and most supermarkets.

If they will be heading to several countries, it can be tricky for them to predict how much it will cost to call on their mobiles, so they might avoid getting in touch for fear of racking up a mammoth phone bill. Instead, give them a global SIM card which allows them to get in touch for a bargain price wherever they end up so that you can rest assured that if there’s a problem, they’ll be able to get in touch and let you know.

It might be a good idea to get them a money card. This way, they will have some emergency funds if they lose all their other money, or it can be cancelled if it is stolen so that you don’t lose out. Furthermore, if your son or daughter starts to run out of money, you can top it up from home so that you know they’ll be safe wherever they are.

While no teenager likes being told what to do, there are a couple of things you should insist that they take. The first is a heavy duty padlock, as lots of hostels provide lockers in which you can store your luggage, but they may request that you buy a padlock, so taking their own can cut costs. Also, suncream is an essential, and you should encourage them to use it every day to avoid sunburn. If they want to go into temples or churches, they will need something to cover their shoulders to appear decent, so remind them to take a jumper or shawl to any religious buildings to show respect.

Eddie Valder is a keen backpacker and adventurer who regularly blogs about his trips across the globe.

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