How To: Save Energy and Cash as a Business

It’s not easy, running a business – constantly looking at your overheads, trying to stay afloat in the fluctuating market and cutting costs where you can. As a business owner, it’s more like a juggling act more than anything and any help you can get is probably much appreciated. Luckily, there are plenty of ways in which you can save cash as a business without thinking about redundancies and downgrading premises. Take a look at your energy bills, for starters. Do they look normal? You’d be surprised at how much a business can save by looking a little closer at them.

Gas and electricity are valuable commodities for businesses across the country and while a working day won’t pass without using these resources, there are ways in which you can cut the amount you spend on them. Business electricity suppliers British Gas provide some incredibly competitive tariffs and price plans to suit every requirement, with plenty of tailor-made considerations added if necessary. Make sure that you check with whatever supplier you use for your business energy and see how much you pay for the supply. If you think it’s over the odds and believe you can get it cheaper elsewhere, switching providers is an easy and stress-free process with British Gas business doing much of the legwork for you.

Regardless of who supplies your energy, make sure you’re not signed up to estimated billing. This can really sting you, especially if what is estimated is considerably more than your actual energy usage. Instead, make sure you provide regular, accurate meter readings to your provider so that your bills are as precise as possible and you’re never faced with unsightly, inaccurate bills.

As times get tougher, it’s natural to tighten our belts and while there are plenty of money-saving tips available in various sectors of your business, such as advertising, marketing, tax and insurance, immediate savings can be seen in your utilities if you adopt a few, fairly simple practices.

Turn Off the Lights

Lighting makes up a colossal percentage of a business’ utility bill and simple steps can help to cut this cost. Remembering to turn out the lights after the working day is over and keeping the office in the dark at weekends are two easy ways to save on electricity. While staff may not remember to do this all the time, using timers can help to eradicate the worry.

Use motion sensors in unused areas that don’t need to be lit all the time – corridors, bathrooms and stairwells etc.

Replace bulbs with energy-saving alternatives to not only save on your overheads but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Turn Off Equipment

You may think that standby mode and screensavers help to save energy when your computer equipment isn’t in use, but you’d be surprised at how much energy these things can gobble up. When you’re not at your desk, such as during the lunch hour or after hours, turn off any equipment that doesn’t need to be on. That includes photocopiers and such.

Label switches so that your staff know which equipment is safe to turn off when not in use and which appliances need to be kept on all the time, such as servers.

Car Share

If some of your employees travel from the same area, encourage them to car share. Offer an incentive for doing so, so that they reduce the energy consumption that their journey to work uses.

Alternatively, you could also offer incentives for those who cycle, walk or use the bus to get to work rather than jumping into their car.

Paperless Correspondence

Rather than using fax machines and the good old postal service, keep most, if not all, of your correspondence to its electronic form and discourage staff from printing emails unless absolutely necessary.

Use resources such as the intranet to share manuals and staff resources, rather than using the paper format.

Provide recycling facilities for any paper than staff do use.

Keep employees in the know and offer incentives where possible to ensure your staff remain motivated when it comes to maintaining energy and cost cutting measures.

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1 year ago

[…] the running costs of your business premises low, it’s essential that you are as efficient as possible with energy usage. What this means is that you need to take steps to ensure that energy is not wasted, […]

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