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Craigslist is probably the largest, most popular, and most used classified site in the U.S. and Canada. And because of its hometown success, the site has expanded to almost all countries and locations across the world. If you can’t find an item or service locally, Craigslist is the next and best alternative for you to make a search. It is very simple yet packed with almost all the features and things you’ll need.

But as everyone knows, the problem with this website is that all the ads or listings are sorted according to a specific city and category. This is because Craigslist uses geographical or geo-targeting. When you go to the main site which is, you can’t make a search on it directly. You’ll be presented with the list of states and cities and you have to select a specific location first before you could actually use the site. Finally when you have chosen a particular location, the listings included in your search results shall also be limited to that particular city.

The reasons why you need to search the entire Craigslist site

Craigslist is certainly a great site but almost all users need the ability to make a search across all cities and categories. Here are some of the instances or reasons why.

To make your search simpler and faster. If you need to make a search in multiple locations, you will either go back to the main site shifting from one city to another, or perhaps, just open multiple windows. And both are quite complex and time consuming. Hence, you will need a way to make a search on different locations simultaneously.

When finding rare or collectible items. If you’re a collector or just searching for a very rare item, you might be able to find the item or product you need from just one location. You will need to widen your search to two or more cities.

Comparing prices to get the best deal. Another good reason that will require you to search the entire Craigslist site is to be able to take advantage of better price options that may be available in other places.

When searching for jobs, friends, or dates. Of course, when you’re looking for a job, a date, or adding some friends, you will not just limit your search in one city or area. Because that’s totally stupid.

The solution I have found

Because of my curiosity and desire to search for a solution for this concern, I have stumbled upon a great site; It’s not a classified ads website that tries to mimic or compete with Craigslist. It’s actually a site that solves the problem I have mentioned above. With the help or through, you can perform a search across all cities and all categories. You get to search the entire database of Craigslist and are presented with relevant results that are also coming from Craigslist. What is its best feature? It’s totally free for us to use and enjoy. Just make your searches or keywords as specific as possible to narrow down the listings result.

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