The Student Survival Guide

All over the internet you can find student survival guides, but many of these deal with situations involving how many tins of beans you have left, or how to live on a budget. This guide, however, is a little different, and it will introduce you to situations you might have not considered applying for university. Millions of people head off to do their 3 (or more) years of higher education every year, and nearly all agree that they had an amazing time in the process. If you don’t watch out however, you could find yourself in a bit of a pickle, from accommodation to direct debits. Here’s a student survival guide with a difference!

Get Your Kit On

You might think this heading is related to sports, but in actual fact we’re talking about entertainment. Gaming, music and computing is a great way to meet new people at university, and you’ll find it a lot easier to relax after a hard day’s study if you can come home to a decent iPod station, PlayStation, Xbox or any other form of entertainment. Furthermore, these pieces of kit are great ways of saving money in the long run.

Instead of going out every night and blowing your student loan, you can invite people round to your house for an evening of entertainment. If you’re a boy, then it’s usually football games and music. If you’re a girl, it’s usually and karaoke and a movie. It’s always best to have your own television at university, so you won’t have to keep checking when the communal one is free.

Direct Debits

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find a job as soon as you start university, so that means you’re going to have to watch your money very closely. One of the easiest ways to do this is to cancel your direct debits, if you have any at all. From phone bills to insurance, it’s likely your bank balance will diminish pretty quickly without any form of income coming in, so it’s best to pay your bills when you can, instead of being left short of cash.

Furthermore, get rid of the direct debits you don’t need, like magazine subscriptions and other membership fees. You’ll be able to renegotiate these prices with a student discount at university, and you might even find that the university already subscribes to some of your interests! The best student accommodation at university will always have information boards and hall wardens that inform you about your university subscriptions.


Clubs and society socials are the best way to meet new people outside of your halls of residence and course. They’re designed to be fun, with some elements of team building attached, however most of the time it’s all about having a great time! Even if you don’t regularly play for the sport team, or you don’t even know what the society is about, that’s why they are they – to get to know. If you’re not comfortable with group activities, then socials may not be the entertainment for you, however don’t fret as they are plenty of other things you can do at university!

For more reading, the BBC has put together a handy student online resource that you can find here.

Former student David enjoys writing about his past university life and loves writing for potential new students.

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