Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Get Botox

Botox has been widely used for its cosmetic properties. Though in recent years Botox injections have been used mainly to remove wrinkles in the face or to plump lips for aesthetic reasons, Botox was initially used to treat muscle spasms in the face. The compound is derived from Botulinum toxin type A, from which it takes its name. However, its cosmetic use became popular, when people who were getting the treatment for spasms noticed that their wrinkles were going away. Here are some other conditions that can be treated with non-cosmetic uses of Botox.

Urinary Incontinence
This is a condition characterized by the uncontrollable passage of urine. It can be very stressful, since the patient will never know when the urine will flow. Patients have to keep a urine collection bag on their person when they venture outdoors. Botox has been used to treat the nerves of the bladder so the patient gets better control of urinary functions. This treatment is sought by people who have not responded well to antichilnergic medication, which is a more standard treatment.

If you have ever suffered from migraine, then you know how debilitating it can be. A migraine headache can completely immobilize you and ruin your entire day. People who suffer from chronic migraines can now get reprieve from Botox treatments. The Botox is injected in the skin below the scalp, and the pain of the migraine ebbs away.

Excessive Sweating
People who drench their clothes in sweat even after the smallest of excursions can now benefit from Botox injections. Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, will make you start to smell after a few hours in the office, drench your clothes, and cause you a lot of embarrassment and discomfort. Sweat glands are controlled by certain nerves; Botox interrupts the functions of the nerves and thereby reduces the sweating.

Twitching Eye
There are people who suffer from the involuntary and frequent twitching of the eyelid, a condition known as blepharospasm. This can be very disconcerting for the patient, and also for the people he or she interacts with. The Botox is injected into the area around the eyelids, and this affects some of the nerves causing the muscles to spasm, thereby slowing down the twitching.

Neck Muscle Spasm
Neck muscle spasm, or cervical dystonia, is characterized by the abnormal positioning of the head. The condition is quite common in teens, when the neck muscle spasm, and puts the head in an awkward position. Injecting Botox relaxes these muscles and the head can return to its normal position.

Facial or Other Localized Muscle Spasms
This is the original reason Botox treatments were administered. Muscle spasms cause you to make different, often uncomfortable, expressions with your face uncontrollably. This can be very startling, since you may be having a normal conversation with someone, and then your face contorts into a weird shape, causing distress to your audience. A Botox injection will stop the muscles of your face from making spastic movements, giving you relief.

Muscle Spasticity Due To Cerebral Palsy
People who suffer from cerebral palsy cannot control their muscles very well. Sometimes they get muscle spasticity, making them move in unexpected ways and causing muscle strain or even injury. Botox injections in the local area will release the spasm and the patient can relax better.

As you can see, there are non-cosmetic uses for Botox, and they can be used to treat fairly serious conditions. Botox, apart from making you look younger, can be used to allow patients with poor control of their body parts live comfortably.


This article was written together with Travis Guerrero, a health and nutrition expert who hopes that this article helps you get a better understanding about medical procedures. He writes this on behalf of the New Horizons Medical Clinic, your number one choice when looking for botox in Houston. Check out their website today and see what they can do for you!

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