Five Great Business Conferences in Asia

While Western nations such as the United States and many countries in Europe are often spotlighted in the news as the hosts of large business gatherings, there are a plethora of equally respected business conferences in the sovereign states of Asia. From summits revolving around issues regarding the ocean to gatherings solely about future investment of various wealth funds, a large variety of important conventions are held in Asian nations. Here’s a list of five of the best congregations in Asia for the best and brightest in business.

China Summit 2013, Beijing
Taking place in December 2013, this annual conference tackles all of the important decisions regarding China’s politics, society, and economics. In 2013 it will discuss the recent controversial steps taken by President Xi Jinping to build a stronger state while possibly weakening the power of the individual. At a cost of $2,000 per person, it is a wonderful event for anyone interested in Chinese business and politics, and a great opportunity to listen to some of the most knowledgeable minds on the subject.

The World in 2014, Singapore
This annual event will take place in Singapore in November 2013, and will feature a collection of brilliant minds who will share their insight on the upcoming year. Speakers will include leaders of various NGOs, as well as the President of Mongolia Takhiagiin Elbegorj. The cost of the event is $820, and provides a great insight into the future of business.

Bellwether 2013, Seoul
Like last year, this conference, taking place in September 2013, will be an open forum to discuss opinions on South Korean politics and financial strategies. Members of the South Korean government, as well as other financial regulators, will share their insight to the members of the audience. The price tag on this conference is $1,250, and is a great event for those interested in South Korean economics to listen to leading economists on the issue.
International Conference on Economic and Social Sustainability 2013, Tokyo
This event, held in September 2013, largely discusses the issue of future sustainable development as well as sustainability in general. Scholars, economists, students, any anyone interested are welcome to participate in the conference. The regular cost of attendance is $400, with discounts for students, as well as scholarships offered for suitable candidates.

Indonesia International Conference on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Small Business, West Java
This annual 3-day conference in June is a great way for those interested in innovation, entrepreneurship, and small business to discuss their interests and listen to the insight of other scholars. Many of the visiting speakers will be Indonesian, although the audience is generally a mix of international participants. Public passes are available for $150 for one day, or $300 for the entire event. This is a great event to share opinions on the development of small business strategies in the international realm.

Business in Asia
As Asian economies continue to grow and thrive, so do the opportunities for scholars to unite and discuss ideas. These five conferences are great events for anyone interested in Asian economics and policy, and a wonderful opportunity to explore the world of finance throughout the world.


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