How MMORPGs Have Affected Society

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPGs for short, have forever changed the video gaming world since their creation in the 1990s. Instead of simply playing at home with one or two friends, gamers can now play MMORPGs with thousands of participants around the globe, using only a computer game and an Internet connection.

But what’s even more interesting is that the creation of MMORPGs has had a direct impact on society itself, outside of the world of gaming. Here’s how this genre of computer gaming has changed the world forever.

Greater Social Interaction
One of the greatest ways that MMORPGs have changed the gaming world is by allowing players to have greater interaction with one another. Users can search different worlds, complete quests, or simply mill about discussing topics related to the game. It gives players of all walks of life the ability to overcome social anxieties and pursue collective goals with likeminded individuals. With this, it has allowed players of all ages to come together. There is no age limit for MMORPGs, and users young and old can collaborate to achieve collective goals.

Wait … What Kind of Social Interaction?
On the other side of this issue, though, it is important to note that the social interaction these players are experiencing is purely virtual. Rarely do MMORPG meetings lead to an in-person rendezvous, meaning that most players never meet their allies or opponents face to face.

While this may not seem like a bad thing, it is necessary to look at the social implications. As players have no need to leave the house to meet with their friends, they continue to lead lives of isolation. In fact, the cooperation that users experience in the game is entirely counterproductive-it forces them to remove themselves from the realities of society.

When the Going Gets Tough-Log Off
Many MMORPGs are known for their difficult quests and extremely challenging learning curve. This means that while a player may have amassed a large arsenal of weapons as well as a menacing team of co-players, they may still find themselves defeated by opponents on any given day. And when this happens, one of the easiest ways to relieve frustration is by logging off -in other words, quitting. Players can quit the game at any given moment without serious consequence or repercussions. When they decide they are ready to return to the game, they may reboot their system and begin where they left off.

This might sound like a wonderful way to teach patience to younger players, but in reality it shows a severe lack of perseverance. Users do not have to continue to face obstacles in order to proceed, but instead have the ability to postpone certain hardships by simply pushing a button. Unlike life, the timeline in these games can be stopped, and often times restarted.

A Downhill Trend
While MMORPGs are incredible creations that demonstrate the unique nature of games available through an Internet connection, they have had a serious effect on video gaming society as a whole. And instead of fostering greater communication and understanding, they have instead given members of this community the ability to hide their faces and quit until they’re ready for round two.


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Sheldon Armstrong
Sheldon Armstrong is a regular contributor for INFOtainment News. He loves writing about technology and keeping up with the latest gadgets on the market. In addition, he contributes articles covering a wide range of topics together with his friends who appear as guest writers every now and then.

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