What to pack when heading for a tropical country

After booking a holiday to a tropical country, many holidaymakers are just imagining lying on the beach with a fruity cocktail ready to let the sun work its magic on their tan. However, thanks to the tropical climate, tourists may end up much wetter than they bargained for. As a result, it is important to pack the right clothes and equipment for the job.


When heading to a tropical climate on holiday, it is important to take a lot of spare clothes. On a humid and sunny day, just a simple stroll along the beach or through the forest can result in sweating buckets. Furthermore, even the best air-conditioned hotel rooms can’t provide 100 per cent protection against the weather.

Consequently, jeans in such climates is a bad idea. Light, thin materials – preferably on shorts and t-shirts – are best, as they will not take long to dry and provide adequate protection against the sun. Packing long-sleeve t-shirts is an even better idea for that very reason.

Long clothes can also help protect the body against the region’s wildlife. For example, roaming through the forest with a long-sleeved t-shirt can help protect the shoulders and arms from potentially dangerous plants or insect bites. If you do get bitten, it is worth identifying what has caused the bite and if your travel insurance would cover a trip to the local doctors. It is also worth noting that the heat combined with the amount of sweating you’ll be doing could form a rash, so make sure you’re protecting your body.

It is also worth conducting some research on the social requirements of your destination in order to avoid accidentally offending the local population. For instance, local may frown on others wearing a bikini to a restaurant.

A hat is also highly recommended for the beach as it will not take long for the sun to have an effect on the scalp. It can also help when roaming through the forest as you never know when dangling objects can take you by surprise!


The wet and humid weather can also wreak havoc with material suitcases and other equipment. For instance, don’t be surprised to come back from a wander in the forest and find your backpack is soaking wet, along with all your gear. Consequently, it is integral to purchase items that are water-resistant and keep items that aren’t in waterproof casings/bags – including any gap year or backpacker insurance policy.

The weather will also have an effect on cameras, phones and tablets, so consider whether bringing such equipment is vital. A wet tropical climate will get cameras wet and potentially mouldy and can have a negative effect on the camera lens, causing it to ‘steam up’. As a result, underwater cameras may be the best option when looking to remember your holiday via the beauty of the photograph.

Overall, there are a lot of things to consider when packing for a tropical country. In between all the blue oceans and lush forest greenery, the climate can also be very harsh and incredibly unforgiving. By adequately preparing for a few showers of rain a day in between the blazing humidity, tourists can have a fantastic time.

Finally, don’t forget those sunglasses!

About the Author: Obsessive travel blogger Sean Curtis always makes sure he fully researches a country before he leaves, so he can pack accordingly. This very often also includes looking at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office for the latest county-specific information. Sean writes this post on behalf of top holiday insurer 24/7 Travel Insurance.

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