There is a point in every parent's life where they must trust their teen to stay at home. Summers are a time when kids are out of school for months, and most parents have no other choice but to leave their kids home while they work. It is very important to set house rules in order to keep your child and your home safe. Here are some rules that you need to have for when your teen is home alone for the summer.

No Company Allowed Without Permission

As much as teens love to hang out with each other, it can be risky to allow your younger teens to have guests over at your home without you being over. It can get complicated if something happens in the home that you do not approve of while another teen was around. You are not there to watch over them and make sure they do not do anything they are not supposed to. A good rule is to just not allow company over until you are home from work. Along with the no company rule, make sure your teen knows to not answer to the door for strangers. They might be curious who is at the door, but do not let them open the door for anyone but trusted family.

No Cooking Using The Oven Or Stove

Younger teens are prone to making mistakes in the kitchen. It is best to teach your children how to cook their favorite meals, but not to allow them to make it unless you are home. Letting your teen use the oven and stove unsupervised can be a fire risk to your home. Instead, have plenty of healthy snacks laying around the house like apples, grapes, and berries. Find meals that they can eat cold like a sandwich. If they do crave something warm, provide them with food that can warm up in the microwave.

No Leaving The House Without Permission

Your child may get calls from their friends asking if they could come over. You are at work and cannot be reached. You do not want you teen going out without you knowing all of the details. Make it a rule to where your teen is not allowed to leave the house without your permission. It may seem like no fun to them, but you do not want to come home and not know where they went. It is safest for them to stay at home unless you know all the details about what they are doing and where they are going.

If you have home security systems in San Antonio, then you might have home security systems that will help you enforce the rules of the house. Many security companies allow you to install cameras, and watch live feeds of your home right from your smart phone. Rules are hard to enforce when you cannot see what is going on. Use your security camera to watch over your teen while you are gone. It can also come in handy if they ever get into trouble, you will know exactly what to do to help.

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