The range of laptops on offer today is vast and it can be confusing for somebody new to the market. The good news is that the scope of possibilities promises every customer something personally suitable, the bad news is that there’s an awful lot to look at. Here, we take a closer look at some of the most common options out there and work to explain the differences between each of them.

The Netbook

The netbook has been around for some time and has not yet lost any popularity. Think of the netbook as the next step up from a tablet computer. It is great for browsing the web and considerably more user-friendly when it comes to tasks such as word processing. The netbook also makes a great work computer, particularly for those who travel with their job.

Netbooks are typically quite affordable and provide a high level of functionality. Their main disadvantage may lie in their inability to run as a media centre. Anyone who is looking for something on which to watch, or even edit, films should look to something more powerful.

The Gaming Laptop

It used to be the case that gamers were limited to bulky desktop computers in order to get the performance they required. Graphics cards alone would take up large amounts of space that simply were not feasible as a portable design. Today, it is a different story. For the first time ever, gaming laptops are not only powerful and portable, but aesthetically pleasing as well. While you can expect the chassis on a state-of-the-art gaming computer to be slightly thicker and heavier than that of a netbook, this is no surprise when you understand the components that are placed inside. Expect a high definition 15” or 17” screen as standard.

The Ultrabook

One of the most recent developments in the world of laptops is the ultrabook. Having to meet a number of criteria in order to be allowed the title of ultrabook, these machines are somewhat exclusive. In a similar manner to the world of gaming laptops, ultrabooks are about removing the idea of compromise from the laptop.

The latest ultrabooks from Toshiba are slim and sleek, while offering the ability to perform as well as any desktop computer. This range offers the buyer a perfect marriage between processing speed and portability. The superbly slim chassis of an ultrabook encases some impressive machinery designed to provide the ultimate computing experience.

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