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Admit it, our office jobs would be a lot more bearable if we didn’t have to interact with certain people who annoy the heck out of us! But unfortunately these people, with whom we spend more time in a week with than members of our actual family, have been granted access to our day to day conversations and psyche because some bright spark (AKA your boss) thought they would be a ‘great fit into the company dynamic’. Well thanks a lot, boss! Here are some of those annoying office personality archetypes.

The Negative Nancy

Despite the name, these guys come in both male and female packages. This personality type has worked for the company for a while and has seen people like you come and go (as he or she loves to point out to every newbie). They seem perpetually downtrodden by aspects of their job and don’t appear to have much of a life outside of work, yet still insist on coming in every day to spread their bad vibes around the office. Negative Nancy only sees obstacles, never opportunities and they’re severely allergic to change.  When they finally retire at 145 years old, you’ll have to write in their card about how much of a difference they made to the office. Well, they certainly made a difference…

The Practical Joker

The first time you see one of these jokes being played on a co-worker, you might find it funny. You might wonder why they don’t have more of a sense of humour – after all, at least it makes a bit of a difference to office life, right?


The practical joker takes pranks way past what is acceptable (or even professional), and is so tragically predictable that most people end up expecting and ignoring everything they do.

Expect them to take things further and further in an attempt to get a reaction until they finally get fired for harassment.

The Passive Aggressive Sign Writer

If you’ve ever studied the contents of a company fridge at any point you will know that offices can get pretty stinky and gross. Most of us are happy to live with less than immaculate surroundings as long as they don’t get too bad, but for this office personality type you may as well be asking a member of Westboro Baptist Church to chill out and watch a bit of Glee. They are offended that you would even joke about putting soup in the microwave uncovered- I mean CAN’T YOU READ THE SIGN?! Yes, this ‘helpful’ colleague loves to leave passive aggressive notes around about ‘the cleaning fairies’ and the ‘you know who you are’ people they martyr themselves for on a daily basis. Maybe it’s just best you leave them to it, they clearly get some kind of kick out of it, if they didn’t they would choose to be just as lazy as the rest of us.

The Humourless Humourist

You know how awful that cliché is, “you don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps?” Well this guy didn’t get the memo. He thinks that this adage is one of the pithiest things a newbie can hear  on their first day at a new job- setting you up for lifetime of office based ‘banter’ and double entendre. God help you should you ever find any aspect your job difficult or ‘hard.’ Haha, cue moronic laughter from the other side of the glass divider – making you wish there were a hundred more of them between you.

There are plenty more office stereotypes out there, which ones get your blood boiling? Maybe “The Judgemental Blog Writer”? Share in the comments below!

Image by Douglas Whitfield

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