Saving on Heating

While the summer months bring vacations, tan lines, and extra small utility bills, it won’t be long until the winter creeps up and takes a bite out of your wallet. Keeping warm during the colder months is important for a happy and a healthy home, and it’s often believed that the only way to do so is to pay incredible sums for the comfort of heat.

As it turns out, you don’t always have to shell out most of your monthly wage just to stay cozy in your own home. Here are some ways you can save on heating this winter without paying a fortune.

Cook More
If you find yourself chilled to the bone during the winter months, head to the kitchen to find solace and a warm meal. However, instead of microwaving something quickly, try to plan more elaborate meals that utilize the oven. As you cook a delicious roast, or even create a delectable pie, you’ll be filling your belly while the heat from the oven permeates through the house. The thermostat will detect this and will delay before turning on.

When you’re finished cooking, leave the oven door cracked as it cools down. This will let all of the dwindling heat escape into your house and warm everything within.

Use a Space Heater
If you have a larger home, consider lowering the temperature on the thermostat and using a space heater to warm the room you are in. This will help heat the spot in which you spend time, and will save energy and money by not wasting heat on unused locations within your house. It should be noted, however, that using your home’s furnace is typically more cost-effective when heating the entire house (since running space heaters in multiple rooms can drive electricity costs up).

Turn Down the Heat When You’re Away
If you spend most of your day away at work, turn down the thermostat to a minimum level in order to save money on heat. This doesn’t mean you should let the pipes freeze while you’re at the office, but it doesn’t make much sense to keep the temperature at a balmy 70 degrees if no one is there to enjoy it. You also won’t notice the heat when you’re sleeping, and turning down the thermostat before you go to bed can save a ton on heating costs.

If you don’t like the idea of coming home or waking up to a cold house, though, then consider investing in a programmable thermostat. This will let you keep the temperature down all day, while kicking in right before you get there.

Wear More Clothing
One of the most commonly feared traits about the winter months is that they can be frigidly cold. While some accept that, others choose to ignore it by hanging out in the house wearing clothes meant for summer. You can do this, but it’s a sure way to spend some money on heat (or freeze in your own home!).

Instead, turn down the heat and put on a few extra layers to stay warm. Even a sweater, socks, and long underwear can make a huge difference in order to keep comfortable.

Beat the Heat
With summer here, it’s easy to take for granted the natural heat and the low energy bills. However, the winter months will be here soon enough, and it’s important to use these tips in order to keep warm, save money, and stay happy inside your own home.


This article was written together with Billy Dunham, an avid home maintenance blogging expert who loves sharing his knowledge so you can live in an even better home. They write this on behalf of BMS Air Quality Specialists, your number one air quality specialist. For heating in Houston, make sure to check them out!

Saving on Heating 2
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