Battle Of The Charms: Pandora vs Trollbeads

Charm bracelets have become huge over the past couple of years, with jewellers all over the world bringing out their own versions. However, the one’s that really stand out to consumers are Pandora and Trollbeads.

What Are They?

Pandora is probably the most well known charm bracelet brand (just about everybody has one), and has branched out into stacking rings, earrings, necklaces and more. However, although many people see Pandora as the leading charm bracelet maker, Trollbeads came up with the concept first. They started out in 1976 as a family run business, and that hasn’t changed much to this day.

The difference between the modern day charm bracelets and the traditional charm bracelet, is that the charms actually have a hole in the middle to thread onto the bracelet, rather than dangle from a chain (apart from another fairly well known brand, Thomas Sabo). Pandora has a unique method of getting the charms onto the bracelet, with little threads cleverly placed in the middle of charms and on the bracelet so you have to screw them on. This means that you shouldn’t mix any other charms you have with Pandora charms, as charms without the thread can get stuck on the bracelet. Some people ignore this advice and do so anyway, often mixing together multiple brands on one bracelet, like Pandora, Chamilia and even Trollbeads.

Trollbeads have openly said that you can mix charms from different companies onto their bracelet, as they will just slide on due to the flexible nature of it. So, you can mix beads on both bracelets although Pandora say you’re not supposed to.


There’s a big difference in design, so whichever one you go for is all down to your personal preference. Pandora has a very polished look about it, with cute silver charms ranging from little birds to handbags, and glass charms with polka dots and love hearts encapsulated inside them.

Trollbeads has more of a rustic feel to it, with many of the charms inspired by the supernatural such as fairies and mermaids. They do a selection of glass beads too, these mimic the design of tree’s, the different galaxies and shells you might find on the beach.

The Price

The price of the bracelets and beads don’t differ too much between brands, ranging from around £20 – hundreds of pounds for a charm. You can purchase a Pandora bracelet online that already has beads threaded onto it, although you won’t receive any kind of discount for this. However, if you purchase a debut Trollbeads bracelet you’ll receive a bracelet chain, lock (which is a unique idea that only Trollbeads offer), and usually two glass beads, such as the Trollbeads Summer Meadow debut bracelet with a discount of £30.

Which One’s Best?

It’s all down to each individuals personal preferences. With Pandora your bracelet will look pristine and polished, but to get the best looking design with it you should choose a couple of colours for your colour scheme and stick to it. It’s also best if you try to make the bracelet symmetrical with similar sized and shaped beads on both sides.

With Trollbeads you can pretty much have all the colours and beads you want, almost as if it has grown from a tree or out of the earth.

In my opinion Trollbeads is the clear winner. You can get discounts, interchange beads, have as many different colours as you like and still have a beautiful looking, unique bracelet with minimal fuss!

This post was written by Joe Davies, fashion blogger, on behalf of TrendnStylez.com

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  1. I like the Troll beads because it looks more authentic than the Pandora one. The Pandora looks more commercialized, the colour of the beads and silver somehow doesn’t have the depth. Maybe I’m talking rubbish but I didn’t search to find out which came out earlier. The designers and the manufacturer have managed to impart a sense of originality and speciality in silverwork and bead making. The design and make ‘talks’ to me. The ethnicity of the each designer does come through. I enjoy wear it and have given them as a gift to my niece – she loves it and has been complimented several times on it.

  2. I’m definitely Pandora fan. I do like that the chain is created so the beads not falling off, as I really don’t want to loose any of the beads. I have already 4 bracelets and each of them look different and no one else would have the same one.

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