Do you have a teenager? Are they staying at home this summer alone? This can be a scary thing but there are ways to help you have a peace of mind that they are safe and not getting into trouble.

1.Earn their respect
The first tip to trusting your teen at home is earning their respect. Teens love to feel independent and important. The quickest way to crush this in a teen is so constantly bog them down with rules and regulating every single thing that they do. The quickest way to earn your teens respect is by loosening up and allowing them to have some freedoms. Letting your teen dress the way they like (within reason) and doing the activities they enjoy (also within reason) are great ways to let them feel independent. When you loosen up and only correct your teen when they are doing something that is harmful to themselves or others they will have a lot more respect for you.

2.Leave clear rules
If you have been around a teenager or any amount of time you will know that they like to push rules. Teens like to come as close as they can to doing the wrong this without crossing the line just to prove that they can. A way to prevent your teen from acting in such ways this summer is by setting very clear rules with very clear instructions and punishments if they are not followed. This does not mean going out and buying a huge piece of poster board and displaying the rules one their bedroom door, it means sitting down and having a serious conversation before summer starts. If you have set rules that your teen understands are for their safety and not just to constrict them, they will most likely follow them.

3.Know their friends
If you teen is going to be at home and is allowed to have friends over while you are not home make sure you know who those friends are. Teens are very easily influences and often will make decision or do things they know are wrong when they have a friend pressuring them to do it. Part of knowing your teen’s friends includes knowing who your teens friends parents are. This way if you allow a teen over to your home during the day you can be in communication with their parents on what the expectations are for them. This way both teens are aware of the rules and the consequences in your home.

4.Track them
There are tons of really amazing apps out right now but some of the coolest and most helpful are for parents. There are apps available that you can download on yours and your teen smart phone where you can constantly track and see where they are. You can set alerts if they leave certain areas or enter certain area. This is great if you have a teen who you are afraid will leave home when they are not supposed to. Smith Monitoring is a company specializes Denton home security, they offer a app that connects to cameras in your home and will play a live feed from your smart phone. This way you can literally see what your teen is doing during the day without them knowing.

Author Bio: Ally is a writer, wife, youth mentor, and health nut. Follow her blogs for all the current trends on home, health, and family.

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