7 Tips to Help You Bring Zest and Color to Your Office Cubicle

Think about the place where you spend most of your time. Did you think of it? For the majority of us the answer will be the office or our place of work. We are there from 9-5 working on our careers and making ends meet. We put a lot of time into the location, ambiance and environment of where we live and sleep. But when it comes to our offices, we don’t usually have that much choice in that matter. We start working for a company where the location has already been chosen and the environment and company culture inside has already been established.

If your office cubicle is residing next to a neighbor you can’t stand or in an environment that inhibits your creativity or if you feel like your surroundings are injuring your productivity, here are a 7 tips that can help you take control of your office cubicle environment.

  1. Thrive, don’t survive! Remember, we all work differently. Our productivity and creative processes are all different, so create an environment for yourself where you thrive. You are usually working on a team with other people, so be respectful of their space and their work habits as well, but do what you can to create an environment where you can prosper.
  2. Here’s a bright idea: An office cubicle needs the right type of lighting. Try to bring lighting into your area that mimics natural lighting, too harsh or to dull isn’t healthy or helpful to your productivity.
  3. A natural cleanse: Plants are a great way to bring some clean energy and warmth to a stale office cubicle. Research good office plants such as the Areca Palm, which has air-purifying qualities. If a green thumb isn’t your thing, consider a cactus, they will still bring plant life into your space and you barely need to remember to water them.
  4. A little piece of happy: Bringing in photos of your friends, pets and family or other personal pieces from your life make your space feel a little bit more like your own. Pictures can have an inspiring and calming effect in the workplace.
  5. To color or not to color: Completely white walls can be very eye straining. Between the glaring white walls of the office cubicles and our computer screens, your eyes might be begging you for a pair of shades. You don’t always have the option of painting your space, but try hanging a large picture or poster or curtain to help give your eyes a rest.
  6. Keep it clean: Do your best to eliminate clutter on your desk and in your office cubicle. Clutter is not conducive to productivity. Take 10 minutes at the end of every Friday, before you run out to greet your weekend, to straighten up your office. This will greatly help to keep all the paper work, clutter and dust under control.
  7. Do what you can: Last but not least, time to deal with that annoying neighbor or cubicle mate. We don’t get to pick our parents, family members or co-workers in life. That is just the way it goes. The most beneficial piece of advice we can offer you in this area is, in a word, headphones. They are the new partition between us and others. A good pair of headphones can sometimes provide all the help that you need.

Take control of your office space today; by tweaking it ever so slightly and bringing in appropriate lighting and some comforts from home you can help claim your environment and pick up your productivity.

About the Author: Natalie McCatty is a professional blogger for Facilitec, the company that has been providing productproject management and design since 1983; giving their clients workspace solutions for their environments.  Friend them on Facebook by clicking here.

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