Beaches are the premiere summer destination. Not only are they great for a full-blown summer vacation full of volleyball and swimming, they're also a great place for just spending the day quietly in the sun. Often, if you take precautions, your mobile electronic devices can travel to the beach as well. And while not all beaches have Wi-Fi available, here are some of the top beaches to stay connected.

Miami Beach, FL

Staying Connected on the Sand: 6 Beaches with Wi-Fi 2

Miami Beach has sandy white beaches, a cool blue ocean, and wi-fi. In this continuous party town, this beach is hopping twenty-four hours a day. The beaches are great for families out for a day of relaxing. There's even a special wi-fi just for the kids. Without a satellite internet provider, Miami's public wi-fi is the next best option if you need to stay connected during your beach day. Just be sure to take the usual security precautions when you log into the net here.

Clearwater Beach, FL

Clearwater Beach is definitely a great family destination for a day. The beach features the white Florida sands and lots of water activities. In addition, you can visit the aquarium that features a famous movie dolphin named Winter, who had a prosthetic tail specially made for her. You have your choice of providers due to the amount of Wi-Fi in the area. This one beach is thoroughly covered with Wi-Fi.

Sunset State Beach, CA

Sunset State Beach is a little different from the typical beaches you run across. The landscape features mountains, pine trees, and a variety of other greenery. Picnic spots are available for families to enjoy. Your family can hike, surf or fish while visiting this beach paradise. The changing weather does make this beach trip a little challenging so grab some extra clothes.

Hermosa Beach, CA

Hermosa Beach in California is near the busy city of Los Angeles. The beach features volleyball, skateboarding and surfing. It's also known for its festivals. The beach also is often host to live musicians. It holds street fairs on Memorial day and Labor day. The beach is also very close to some of the biggest tech industries in the country, meaning it's natural this beach features wi-fi. This beach has a small town associated with it that injects it with a little bit of personality.

Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach features cliffs along with its blue waters. The beach has space available for barbecuing. In addition, the beach features two different piers that families can explore. Parking is readily available, and dogs are even allowed during certain hours of the day. And while this eight mile beach has many areas to explore, you can just hang out and enjoy the beach's wi-fi instead.

Waikiki Beach, HI

Waikiki Beach is the destination for beachgoers in the area. While most people see it as a surfer's paradise, there is much more to the beach. The area features shopping areas, dining areas, and entertainment. There is a little something for everyone who just wants to spend a day at the beach. And of course, since the beach features wi-fi, you still have the advantage of staying connected during this visit.

A visit to the beach doesn't mean that you have to leave your connections behind. Whether you want to relax with a book, send out email or just entertain the kids for an hour, these beaches will ensure you stay connected.


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He's an avid gadget geek and spends most of his time reading or writing.

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