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While it’s true that a lot of goods are manufactured abroad these days, there are still a large number of products manufactured here in the United States. Among these are industrial equipment, Steinway pianos, custom manufacturing tools, clothing, and much more.

How American Made Affects Our Economy
With the struggles we have faced in our economy in the last several years, having American-made manufacturers gives local economies the ability to thrive. In fact, factories in cities throughout America are often supported by the success of local factories. A great example of how a factory’s success affects the local economy is looking at how the unemployment rate skyrocketed in Detroit, Michigan, otherwise known as Motor City, when the recession hit. Many Americans could not afford new cars, so fewer were being manufactured resulting in the loss of jobs for many Detroit families. With families in Detroit out of work they were unable to support other local businesses. This creates a ripple effect that can take years to come back from.

In fact, over the last three years American manufacturers’ growth has created more than 500,000 new jobs for Americans. A shining example is Dow Chemicals in Louisiana and Texas whose recent growth is estimated to create 35,000 new jobs.

American-Made Manufacturers
Below is a list of products made in the USA that we celebrate for keeping their work in the States to contribute to our economy’s comeback. Whether these factories are large or small their impact creates a positive ripple within their surrounding communities.

Automotive Industry

· Gibson Performance—They specialize in performance exhausts for your vehicles.

· Spectro—They provide engine and transmission lubricants and applications.

· Rickson Truck Wheels—These wheels are designed for the one-ton pickups that transport American-made products across the nation.

Clothing and Accessories

· American Apparel—This retailer sells both men and women’s clothing, and per their name every item in their store is made in the USA.

· Carhartt—This tough and long-lasting work wear and outdoor gear is 100 percent American made.

· Weinbrenner Shoe Company—Manufacturing American-made footwear since 1892, specializing in shoes and boots.

· Cisco, Inc.—Offering athletic uniforms manufactured in the USA since 1982.

Household Products

· Mariano Metal Décor—Since 1971 this family-owned business has manufactured metal art and home décor out of their factory in Chicago.

· Pairpoint Glass—Founded in 1837, Pairpoint creates glass tables, cabinets, shelves, and glassware for your home.

· Sun Aire™ Air Purifiers—These air purifiers are sold in both residential and commercial models to create clean and safe air for you to breathe.

Sporting Goods
· Mountain Ridge Gear, LLC—They provide backpacks, bags, and outdoor gear for your active lifestyle.

· White Industries—This company has been producing American made bike components since 1978. Your bike may have White Industries parts without you even being aware of it.

· Iron Grip Barbell Company—One of the only barbell manufactures whose production remains in the USA.

· Eppinger Mfg. Co—Since 1906 Eppinger has been providing American-made fishing lures.

The next time you are making a purchase, any purchase, take a moment to consider the impact purchasing American made can make on our economy. While it may not be realistic to purchase everything American made and you likely have products that are part of your everyday life that are not American made, make a conscious effort to support your local and nationwide economy by purchasing more products made in the USA.


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