How Web Entreprenuers Can Use Mobile Podcasts

Ever since Apple came out with the iPod some years ago, podcasting has gone through the roof in popularity. And because of this new found growth in popularity, many different segments of the population have adapted use of this clever marketing technique.

From the obvious (musicians) to the not so obvious (small business owners) – there are a variety of niches in podcasting that have adapted its use. This article specifically covers web entrepreneurs and how they best can use mobile podcasts. Wondering what you can use a podcast for? How to use it for marketing or promotions? Read our tips below for some good ideas.

1. Grow Your Email List – one of the most clever things you can use mobile podcasting for is to grow and nurture your email list. Many savvy web entrepreneurs are using podcasting for exactly this. How do you take advantage of podcasting for this purpose? You can create a series of podcasts and aim it directly at a segment of your niche, such as “college students under 30” or “women entrepreneurs who work from home” and so on. The more targeted your campaign, the better results you should yield. At the beginning middle and end of your podcast, you should include (a clear, but brief) call to action that compels your listeners to sign up to your email list. This is a smart and excellent way to use podcasting for promotion.

2. DIY Tutorials – some listeners and readers prefer to absorb their information via multimedia sources such as video or audio. If someone is listening to your podcast, then this person is most likely someone who prefers their information in this specific format. With that in mind, he or she would most likely welcome DIY tutorials that are provided in audio format. Whatever your niche, think of the questions and problems your readers face – then answer or provide a solution in the form of a podcast. This could be a “pod column” where you do it weekly or monthly and maybe even have expert guests on to expand on the knowledge and resources. So podcasting as it turns out – is great for meaty DIY tutorials in your niche.

3. Audio Blogs – similar to idea number two above, audio blogging as we like to call it is when you use podcasting for regular daily or twice weekly blogging. In other words instead of having a traditional blog in text format, you audio blog via a podcast. This is a welcome change of scenery and concept and an idea we would bet has traction and one many would indeed sign up for. Give it a try and see how it fares in your niche and with your readers; you never know – you might have a podcasting hit on your hands.

Podcasting is not new, it has been around for some years now; but it is new to many segments of the population. And you could possibly be sitting in a niche that favors this method of communication, so giving it a try today could net you favorable results tomorrow.

Have you tried podcasting for your business? Do you listen to any podcasts currently? Tell us below what your experience (if any) has been with this medium and your reasons for or against it.

Missy Diaz is a web entrepreneur who uses a variety of tools and methods to get the word out on Know Phone – a resource aimed at helping others find mobile information online. You can find her tweeting on all things web and business through her Twitter moniker.

How Web Entreprenuers Can Use Mobile Podcasts 1

How Web Entreprenuers Can Use Mobile Podcasts 4
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How Web Entreprenuers Can Use Mobile Podcasts 8

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