Practically every home needs more storage space, but hiring a contractor to customize your storage spaces can be astronomical. However, there are some ways to add storage to your home for little or no cost. The trick is to look at the space in a new way with an eye for where your things will fit. Here are some inexpensive ways to do that.

Baskets as Shelves

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Baskets are a versatile device, and you probably have a few on hand. They are easily incorporated into storage shelves. They can hold a lot of things that can free up valuable space for bigger items. Keep things organized by labeling the baskets.

Wire Racks

Wire racks are a quick solution for walls in odd spaces. Put them in closets behind garments to hold shoes or accessories. Use the back of pantry doors and cabinet doors to hold extra little items. Place them in bathrooms above bathtubs or aside showers for easy access to toiletries.

Adding Bookshelves

Bookshelves can hold more than books. Since bookshelves are basically box-shaped, you can make your own out of materials around the house. Just remember to make sure they have an adequate support system to hold the items you need them to. Even small spaces can benefit from the extra storage space of a bookshelf. Match the color of the bookshelves to the roman shades for a seamless look.

Plastic Containers

Underneath the bed is one of the most valuable assets for adding extra storage space. Instead of creating custom woodwork, plastic storage containers turn this space into usable storage. Just make sure they will fit under the bed. Skip the lids if they add to the cost of these containers. Use them for storing things on top of cabinets as well. Label them if you intend to store them up high.

Floating Shelves

The only difference between a floating shelf and a regular shelf is the support system. Floating shelves save space because they don't need the bracket, and you can fit a lot more floating shelves in the same space. But make sure you leave adequate room to accommodate the height of items you intend to store. Floating shelves are easy on the budget and are a project that you can do yourself.

Movable Storage Units

Movable storage units are handy when there is no permanent place for items. Since they are on wheels, they're perfect for small kitchens and apartments where rooms serve more than one purpose. Push them into a corner when they are not needed. Turn a bookshelf into a mobile one by adding wheels on the bottom.

Adding storage into your home requires thinking a little outside of the box. The trick is to see unused areas in new ways. Instead of seeing unusable space, consider the way the space can become usable. Incorporate some of these projects to increase your storage.

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