Top Three Electrical Items We Could Not Do Without In the Winter

When the nights start getting longer and the temperature drops, it is a sure sign that winter is on its way. Although most of us who live in the UK like the idea of different seasons marking out each period of the year, the thought of another three months of cold, dark evenings can seem a bit much.

Thankfully, most households today have a whole range of amazing electrical items that can help to ease the winter blues and make life bearable until the sun comes out again.

Just a quick online browse at Co-op Electricals reminds you of just how many different things we take for granted every day. From entertainment devices to everything you need in the kitchen, there’s an electrical solution to all of our problems.

So with all of these modern day wonders on offer, which are the three electrical items that make the most difference when it comes to helping us through the winter?

Washing Machine

Although most of us take a washing machine for granted, many people don’t think about how recent a phenomenon it is in the home.

Approximately 50 years ago, most households in the UK would have still been using hand methods for all their washing needs, with the introduction of separate washer and drier units yet to become commonplace.

It wasn’t until the sixties that both actions were combined in the early models of the modern washing machine.

With the high-spin speeds and large drum capacities of today’s machines, it is easy to get a large volume of washing done quickly and easily.


The way that television is now such an integral part of our lives makes it hard to think of the items themselves as something we might have to do without.

Of course, the most recent television models are far more than simple machines that would sit in the corner of the room plucking BBC and ITV out of thin air.

With large, wide screens increasingly becoming the norm in most households, modern televisions are fully fledged entertainment systems.

Whether it is watching movies, playing interactive games or connecting to the internet, ‘smart’ TVs offer a range of services that would have been unimaginable only a few decades ago.


Of course, winter in the UK makes us think a lot more about hot food. It’s all very well knowing that a salad and oil-based ‘Mediterranean diet’ is healthy, but when you’ve come in from the cold after a long day at work you will probably want something hot and comforting right away.

The beauty of the microwave is that it is perfect for a quick fix in the winter. Whether that means a steaming bowl of soup or a more substantial ready meal, there’s always plenty to choose from.

Microwaves come in a wide range of styles, some with built-in grills to give your food a more traditional finish and all offering the convenience that makes them unique.

All in all, there are so many different electrical items in our houses that help us get through the winter months that it is hard to pick out just three.

Having said that, if you had to hang your washing out in the snow, couldn’t make a hot meal quickly and then couldn’t sit down and relax in front of the TV for a while, life would be significantly more difficult.

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