Six Unforgettable Chocolate TV Ads

Aaahh, the self-indulgent delights of a good bar of chocolate! So rich, so creamy, so heavenly, so darned chocolatey. It heightens the senses, tantalises the taste buds and gets the pulse racing like no other foodstuff on the planet.

TV advertisers too have long cottoned on to the connection between the humble chocolate bar and the simple joy it brings, producing some of the best, most memorable and occasionally downright weird choco-themed adverts.

Here are six of the best chocolate television advertising campaigns ever committed to terrestrial airtime…


Dated but still delightful, this ad is only 16 seconds long but surely one of the most seductive 16 seconds ever broadcast to a pre-watershed audience. Sultry woman on a window ledge in a negligee, a deserted mansion, a lizard scuttling across a ringing phone, the phallic bite into an unwrapped chocolatey shaft. The sexy and the surreal blend effortlessly in an ad that’s more 9 ½ Weeks than a 99.  


“They’re not Terry’s, they’re mine” has entered the public chocolate lexicon as much as any of the other ads on this list. It was also from a time when you’d have legitimately believed Dawn French could have eaten them all herself. A fun and bite-sized advert, just like the chocolate.

Cadbury’s Fudge

“A finger of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat.” Before the days of Xboxes, Burberry and Plasma TV, there was a time when kids were content to receive the simpler and more inexpensive pleasures in life. It was also a time when that slogan wouldn’t have raised a few prurient smirks. But halcyon days or not, it was a time when a 10p chocolate bar was enough to satisfy any little tyke.  Irritatingly catchy tune, too.

Cadbury’s Caramel

This animated classic is impossible to dislike – not only because of its charming animation but also because of its opening gambit, “Hey, Mr Beaver.”  Thick chocolate and dreamy caramel indeed, and enough to make you believe in a cross-species romance between a beaver and a rabbit. Classy, inimitable animated genius.


Before the days of CGI, there was a time when animated adverts (and not just chocolate ones) exuded a certain innocence and – literally, in this instance – hand-drawn charm. A case in point in this memorable ad: an artist’s hand draws a boy and a girl on a park bench culminating in her offering him her last Rolo, the ultimate offering of love.  Beguiling and enchanting, they really don’t make ‘em like they used to.

Dairy Milk

And so we bring things bang up to date with one of the most popular choco ads of recent times. To the strains of Phil Collins ‘In The Air Tonight’, a pensive gorilla rocks back and forth for 50 seconds before launching into an explosive attack on a drum kit.  Misleading, quirky, surreal, playful and unforgettable, Dairy Milk has never looked or sounded so good.

More than just a tea break snack then, the wit, style and invention of TV advertising over the years has guaranteed that some of our favourite chocolate bars have been given makeovers just as much a treat for the telly as they are on the tongue.

Can you think of any other great chocolate TV adverts? Share in the comments.

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