What Your Rental Car Model Says About You

Whether you are on a business trip, a personal matter, or simply traveling, renting cars is a common routine people do all over the world. But different people choose different types of rental cars when given a selection. In this brief guide you will find out about what your choice of rental car says about you as a person.

The Sedan

The most common car on a rental car lot is a sedan. The driver who orders a sedan is probably not too interested in cars, is perhaps not too knowledgeable about cars, and does not have much time to look around. This driver is typically a hard worker with a lot on his or her plate, and perhaps not enough time to even enjoy the ride from the airport to the local office meeting. The sedan is usually offered as an alternative to many drivers because they are common and typically do not offer anything too special.


For the driver looking for a fine-tuned power train, great suspension, and an excellent steering system, the SUV will deliver from start to finish. This driver wants dynamic ability, fuel efficiency, and a sporty character, much like in their employees, friends, and family. This go-getter is out to prove a point that they will be on top and always in style. The SUV (and at times Jeep or even Hummer) rental car driver wants to show off their wealth but also state that they deserve to be driving in an SUV. Watch out for these confident but classy drivers.

The Van

Either for a soccer mom or a carpool driver, the van offers a spacious interior for that limited rental period. Drivers of a van want to feel in control but also bring their belongings or associates to their job, meeting, or event. The van brings stability, and says that the driver who rented it has probably everything prepared in advance and a solid plan of what to do next. Popular among organized and responsible planners, such as soccer moms and carpool drivers, the van gets much accomplished and all on only four wheels.

The Two-Door Coupe

The sporty young car says a lot about its rental driver. First that he or she is wealthy and enjoys a fast ride. This driver wants to feel the wind and wants to get some attention from peers and other drivers. Speeding past other vehicles, the coupe driver wants to be envied, but also do it in class. The two-door coupe also says that this person had plenty of time to plan and reserve this car in advance, which means that the time and effort of this drive is used solely for self-satisfaction. Successful, young, and single are the words that describe a two-door coupe rental car driver.

The Electric/Hybrid

Although a bit stereotypical, but it must be true that if you rented a car and it had to be electric or hybrid, then you are environmentally aware. This driver wants to reduce his or her carbon footprint, not pay too much for gas, and still drive in style. The renter of an electric or hybrid vehicle will be friendly, open, and ready to talk to anyone about a love for helping out Mother Earth.

All these cars have distinct personalities attached to them, even if it is only for the limited rental period.

Timothy Scott is a freelance writer who concentrates his writing career on all things related to automobiles and the auto industry. Those contemplating a rental car may want to consider a reputable rental car damage protection brand.

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What Your Rental Car Model Says About You 3
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