What Does Your Sleeping Position Reveal About Your Personality and Mood?

Believe it or not, the way we sleep can reveal a lot about us. It can reveal what we are like on a day to day basis, what sort of people we are and what mood we are in while we sleep. Ever wondered why you sleep dead straight but your other half curls up into a ball? Wonder no more! This article will reveal what your sleeping position is really saying about you.

Fetal Position
fetalSleeping in this position means your duvet cover is your comfort zone. You sleep in this position to feel safe, the higher your knees are and lower your head is determines how much comfort you are allowing yourself. If you regularly sleep in this position it can mean you are a worrier who over thinks things when you don’t need to.

If you sleep like this, expect to wake up feeling refreshed as you deal with the days previous trials and tribulations while you sleep. You awake ready to move on. However, fetal sleepers can sometimes become too comfortable, remember to take a walk on the wilde side every now and again and set yourself new goals and challenges.



Log Position
logEver used the phrase “slept like a log”? Some people literally do sleep like a log. This is characterised by lying dead straight, arms, legs, the lot. If you sleep like a log then this can mean you often make things harder for yourself, unwilling to change the path of your rigid thinking.

To people on the outside looking in, you can seem bossy, stubborn and set in your ways.
If you sleep like a log it is unlikely you’ll wake up refreshed as the position can stiffen your muscles. Try to unwind more before going to bed and sleep a little less log-like and you might just notice the difference. Read this Wiki article to help you!


Yearning Position
yearningIf you sleep with your arms outstretched, it is possible you are chasing your dreams. On the other hand, sleeping with your arms outstretched can mean you are being chased. You could feel like you are not getting the best out of your life, and are up for any new challenges you may be presented with.

If you are a yearner, your main issue is self criticism. Nobody criticises yourself as bad as you do. You are a perfectionist, but if things don’t go your way almost immediately you can get frustrated and give in.

Another small issue yearners can face is yearning for the wrong things. Be sure the things you want will really make you happy before going after them.

Yearners should try to wake up every day with an idea of what they want to get out of the day, and see it through till the end!


Freefaller Position
freefallThis is probably the most uncomfortable position to sleep in. The freefaller position involves you lying on your front, arms out at the sides.

The freefaller has issues with control, hence why they sleep like they are clinging on for their lives. They can feel anxious about getting things done, and let things from the past bother them way too much.

Freefallers need to consciously take control of their day and take it step by step in order to become happier in their daily lives. Read this article to help you take control of your day when feeling overwhelmed.

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