Kaijudo – Clash of the Duel Masters released

Today Wizards of the Coast released their biggest expansion to the Kaijudo trading card universe to date. See the below video for an unboxing of the “Psychic Assault” Competitive Deck –

From the Release –

“Kaijudo-Clash of the Duel Masters is the largest set to date – with 120 new cards in booster packs and one exclusive card in each competitive deck – and the stakes are even bigger!  All five civilizations are dueling for ultimate power, with Infernus and Tritonus taking the lead.  This release will also include two 40-card competitive decks, Psychic Assault and Skycrusher’s Might, and each deck will be ready-to-play and fully customizable.

To find out where you can buy Kaijudo – Clash of the Duel Masters, and for information on other Kaijudo products and in-store play programs, visit us at…”

This is a fun game that I’ve played quite a few times with my 7 year old son.  There’s not as much complexity as Magic: the Gathering, so kids can pick it up quickly but there are still some strategies that make it fun for adults. It’s a nice intermediate game that can help bridge the generational gaming gap.

Booster Pack
Skycrusher’s Might


Psychic Assault


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