Casinos: A Bacchanal Guide

Hey, they don’t just call them pleasure palaces for nothing y’know? Casinos are infamously amongst the most hedonistic places in the whole wide world, where the squeaky clean can go to behave like fun loving criminals, where fun loving criminals can go to behave even more badly than normal! Yep, there’s nothing like a casino to bring out the very funnest/worst/most debauched in a person. Here’s our guide on how to do casinos right, the Bacchanal way:

Hit the drinks that make you hit the deck – you’re only going to really shake off your everyday worries and live the dream if you’re a little loosened up first, and there’s no more sure-fire way of guaranteeing this than by being, as they say, under the influence. The first rule, is no pre-drinking. This practice is for students and bums, and it’s totally at odds with the casino dream. Drink something with actual class at a fine bar – a double measure of scotch that’s at least half as old as you are would be a good place to start. Once you’re at your casino of choice, hit up a Martini, shaken not stirred in homage to that king amongst men James Bond.

The game – you need to approach your casino gaming with 50% brains, 50% instincts and 1000% balls. Bet aggressively and take no prisoners to ensure that ultimate adrenaline rush which has kept us coming back to these places time after time for years on end. If you’re unsure of the ins and outs of any casino game, it’s a smart move to check out Intertops Casino online before booking that flight to Vegas so you can learn the rules and get practising to ensure you’re on form.

The game – no, we’re not repeating ourselves. This time, we’re talking about your game with the ladies. There’s nowhere better to bag a hottie than at a swanky casino. Act confidently and know your stuff to create a good first impression. Wear good cologne but not enough to mask your natural pheromones – they’re more important than you can ever know. Live freely, flirt unashamedly and you might just be in luck! To make sure you hit the jackpot in the most euphemistic possible sense, be sure to book a hotel room that’s a little bit outside of your usual price range – it’ll be well worth it if you end up taking a girl home with you and your plush digs seal the deal!

Bacchus would have been proud! If you’re planning on visiting a casino any time soon, take our advise. Go wild, live large and really indulge yourself. You only live once, and experiences like these can be, well, once in a lifetime….

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