Flickr is now a bit Biggr and more Spectaculr

It’s been a busy busy day at Yahoo. First the acquisition of Tumblr for $1.1 Billion, along with a new office space for the Tumblr staff in Times Square. The latest news from Yahoo is that Flickr has received a HUGE redesign. They’re dubbing the Flickr change as “Biggr”.

Bigger is an appropriate word. The redesign has brought a larger view of photos. The viewing of individual photos allows users to make the photos take up an entire browser window. In conjunction with the larger view, you have the ability to use a high-resolution avatar photo. The newly redesigned Flickr also has a cover photo, which can either be one of your individual photos or a stock Flickr one.

In addition to a complete redesign, the amount of storage for each user has been expanded as well. Each user can now get up to 1TB of storage space. 1TB of storage is more than enough for almost any individual, or family, to be able to store all of their photos. According to Flickr, that’s over 500,000 photos, so it’s quite a bit of space. To top it off, the 1TB is free for all users.


The last new “feature” is the removal of the Flickr Pro account. A Flickr Pro account used to cost $24.95 per year and allowed you unlimited photos, 50MB per photo, 90 second videos (up to 500MB), archiving of photos, along with ad-free browsing. As of 05/20/2013, the Flickr Pro accounts are no more.

Now, what happens if you need more than 1TB of storage. Well, Flickr has you covered there too, with the use of Doublr. You can double the amount of space you have on a Flickr account. Great, give me more space! Not so fast, you will have to pay quite a hefty price for this service. It will be $499.99 PER YEAR. This is a steep cost for individuals. However, for companies who may need the ability to store over a million photos, it can be a real bargain.

If you are someone who dislikes advertisements and does not mind paying to have those ads go away, you can pay Yahoo $49.99 per year to make them disappear. I do not know how many people would partake in this opportunity, but I’m sure the small subset that do will absolutely love it. Neither Doublr nor Ad-free are refundable, so once you purchase them, that is it. They are yours for the year.


There is still one slight bug with the new Flickr. For those who currently has a free account, the 300MB limit for uploads is still in place. I know for me this meant that I could not upload more than 200 photos. I’m sure this is just a minor bug that will be fixed very soon, but it can be a deterrent for some users.


The new Flickr redesign is a huge opportunity for Yahoo to bring users back to their properties. With the acquisition of Tumblr, I’m sure there will be some backend Flickr storage that will be used for photos that are uploaded on Tumblr. Take a look at the new Flickr layout, it is definitely a worthwhile upgrade and may even bring you back to using it.

Wayne Dixon
I'm into anything technology related. I do some HTML/CSS/PHP development. I like to follow things that most people would find annoying or not worthwhile. I follow Apple, Microsoft, Google, The Cloud, cell phones and even programming. By Day I'm a Systems Administrator for a Library, which has it's own set of issues. Follow me on Twitter.

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