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When most people think of a garden, they picture a tranquil space filled with flowers and traditional decorative items. However, gardening has advanced beyond the traditional to include better use of space, technology, and modern decor. Gardens these days include a wide array of  flowers, and some lack the familiar rose bushes entirely. Opting instead for clean, sleek lines and contemporary furniture, modern gardeners have taken the classic garden and improved upon it. From cool gadgets to unexpected designs, gardens offer people not just a place to unwind but a living piece of art in their backyards. The following are some ways you can update your garden to the 21st century.

Clean Lines & Spaces
Gardens no longer look like overgrown fairy tale meadows. Instead, people are opting for a more sculpted look, with furniture and decor highlighting this trend. Walkways and patios have become more prominent, with bold stone choices and unique sculpting allowing people the chance to impress with less foliage. If you still like the overgrown look of wildflowers and bushes, you can add elements of the clean look by installing strategic stonework into the garden. The pathways can be laid in such a way that you can still see grass in certain spaces, creating fun geometrical designs that will wow your guests.

Flower Power & Décor
Gardens have become more gathering place than quiet retreat. People these days want to show off their handiwork, and throwing informal garden parties means showing off more than just a pretty pathway. Pools, fountains, and sleek flower beds dominate the garden scene, offering unique decor as well as fun conversation pieces. Benches and seating sets have replaced traditional tables, and gardens now feature elements of indoor decor specifically designed to withstand the weather. You can customize your garden to fit your overall aesthetic, bringing in quirky knickknacks and solar-powered lights to boost your garden’s wow factor. As for flowers, gardens these days are much greener, meaning that interesting plants have become trendier than traditional flowers. Cacti and other unique plants appear in many modern gardens, offering a fun break from the norm.

Gadgetry Meets Pageantry
You might not realize it, but gardens require a lot of technology to keep them beautiful. Traditional technology was limited in its functionality, requiring people to spend backbreaking hours cultivating a perfectly sculpted garden. Recent improvements have done away with some of those hours, allowing people to more efficiently and effectively maintain their gardens. Aerating shoes, electronic soil testers, and bulb planters are just some examples of the technology available for gardening. With ease of use in mind, many companies have redesigned gardening tools to make them more convenient and more effective. Utilizing these tools will especially help novices gain control of their outdoor spaces. There’s even a burgeoning garden gadgetry market to help out modern home gardeners.

Cultivating a modern garden involves much more than planting flowers and keeping them well-tended. Today, gardens offer another chance for self-expression, carrying your design aesthetic from the interior of your home to the outdoor space. With the use of special tools and uniquely designed garden gadgets, you can create the perfect garden with relative ease. Modernizing your garden allows you to show off your design skills without the hassle of backbreaking labor. Whether you want a quiet resort with a gazebo and pool or an elaborately sculpted designer garden, building a garden is totally customizable and easy to do thanks to modern technology.


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